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The Free Republic of the Alleghenys is a nation led by Commander in Chief Thor Rufenweifer on the continent of North America. The Free Republic of the Alleghenys's government is a Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, The Free Republic of the Alleghenys favors moderate policies. The official currency of The Free Republic of the Alleghenys is the Gold Standard. At 174 days old, The Free Republic of the Alleghenys is a mature nation. The Free Republic of the Alleghenys has a population of 1,817,020 and a land area of 23,150.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 78.49. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Welcome the Free Republic of the Alleghenys. This nation will not back down and will not negotiate through extortion. If you cross me I will not forget, and will seek reckless vengeance. All friends of the Free Republic will prosper. One for County, Country for All!

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1)07/02/2020 04:14 pm The Rohirrim BankRepublic of the AlleghenysThe British Isles$0.0060,
2)05/24/2020 09:01 am The Imperium BankRepublic of the AlleghenysUnited Socialist Kharim$8,072,289.00570.007.0021.0026.0034.0033.0010.00261.00348.00157.00129.00
3)05/18/2020 01:27 am The United Armies BankRepublic of the AlleghenysArgonnessen$772,972.001,139.00118.0025.0090.0031.0058.0014.0053.00420.00296.00285.00
4)05/02/2020 05:07 pm Arrgh BankRepublic of the AlleghenysGood Hope$
5)04/18/2020 04:40 pm BankRepublic of the Alleghenys$
6)04/14/2020 02:33 am Imladris BankRepublic of the AlleghenysLumberland$
7)04/13/2020 12:05 am BankRepublic of the Alleghenys$
8)04/11/2020 03:09 pm BankRepublic of the Alleghenys$
9)04/05/2020 10:03 pm The Radicals BankRepublic of the Alleghenys$
10)04/01/2020 04:09 pm The Radicals BankRepublic of the Alleghenys$71,009,069.0016,117.00146.00473.001,947.00119.00214.00219.
11)03/30/2020 08:06 pm Arrgh BankRepublic of the AlleghenysThe Black Flag$
12)03/28/2020 10:20 pm The Panzer Elite BankRepublic of the AlleghenysSwetzia$0.006,629.
13)03/26/2020 12:32 pm Teutonic Order BankRepublic of the AlleghenysAkropolia$37,000,
14)03/21/2020 08:31 pm The United Empire of ZahAharon BankRepublic of the AlleghenysSecond Empire$49,
15)03/19/2020 10:41 am The Red Banner BankRepublic of the AlleghenysUnited Soviet Federation$1,808,818.0039.0037.

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