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Swamp of M34T_KurTinZ is a nation led by Shan M34TOPIA on the continent of Africa. Swamp of M34T_KurTinZ's government is a Stratocracy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, Swamp of M34T_KurTinZ favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Swamp of M34T_KurTinZ is the Rand. At 278 days old, Swamp of M34T_KurTinZ is an old nation. Swamp of M34T_KurTinZ has a population of 1,475,549 and a land area of 22,200.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 66.47. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

The land after time

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1)09/17/2020 05:23 am The Knights Radiant BankM34T_KurTinZStonier$44,048.0054.000.0011.
2)09/13/2020 01:01 am The Lost Empire BankM34T_KurTinZ$213,605.0010,708.0086.0053.00237.00120.0034.0058.00198.0091.00274.00144.00
3)09/11/2020 12:56 am Arrgh BankM34T_KurTinZRage$25,000,
4)09/03/2020 08:03 am Amarr Empire BankM34T_KurTinZVolca-enos$33,292.0011.
5)09/02/2020 02:43 am The United Armies BankM34T_KurTinZHard Bass Land$1,934,388.00163.0011.003.0028.003.0019.000.0012.0063.0056.0019.00
6)08/28/2020 04:11 am M34T_KurTinZArrgh BankM34T_KurTinZ$25,000,000.0010,,500.002,500.001,000.000.00
7)08/25/2020 06:17 pm The Greater Unitary Republic BankM34T_KurTinZThe Imperial Kingdom of Vor$45,942.
8)08/25/2020 06:16 pm The Greater Unitary Republic BankM34T_KurTinZPanama$19,590.
9)08/11/2020 02:10 pm Arrgh BankM34T_KurTinZGraveland$100,000,
10)08/05/2020 06:04 am M34T_KurTinZArrgh BankM34T_KurTinZ$25,000,
11)07/31/2020 12:08 pm M34T_KurTinZArrgh BankM34T_KurTinZ$25,000,
12)07/20/2020 05:05 am BankM34T_KurTinZEpsilon$185,812.0027.
13)07/14/2020 07:12 am M34T_KurTinZArrgh BankM34T_KurTinZ$25,000,,500.001,600.000.003,000.00
14)07/01/2020 08:25 am M34T_KurTinZArrgh BankM34T_KurTinZ$25,000,
15)06/01/2020 08:13 pm The Greater Unitary Republic BankM34T_KurTinZRepublic of California$1,677,744.00288.0036.0062.0082.0016.0011.0011.00137.0041.0079.0061.00

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