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The radicalized pups of Butterkupistan is a nation led by Tv space host Nietzschelloo on the continent of Africa. The radicalized pups of Butterkupistan's government is a Communist Theocracy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, The radicalized pups of Butterkupistan favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of The radicalized pups of Butterkupistan is the Orbis Note. At 1,798 days old, The radicalized pups of Butterkupistan is an ancient nation. The radicalized pups of Butterkupistan has a population of 888,645 and a land area of 38,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 23.39. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

hi im nietz

-Very Friendly
-Highly Charming
-Has a Cute Dog

if u nuke me ur responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent puppers


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1)07/17/2019 06:28 am Black Knights BankButterkupistanGoddessia$2,
2)07/17/2019 06:28 am Black Knights BankButterkupistanNecrontyr$9,557.0026.005.0032.0029.0019.006.0027.0033.0020.0048.00164.00
3)07/17/2019 02:46 am Black Knights BankButterkupistanTipple Nicklers$19,189.0011.
4)07/12/2019 08:08 pm Guardians of the Galaxy BankButterkupistan$1,039,848.00161.0015.00292.001.005.0019.0038.0083.0054.0085.0065.00
5)07/12/2019 08:07 pm Black Knights BankButterkupistanNuclearia$171,640.00169.004.0014.0058.0010.005.008.0063.0044.00128.00117.00
6)07/12/2019 08:07 pm Black Knights BankButterkupistanFeldownia$141,549.00139.003.0011.0048.
7)07/06/2019 03:15 am Imladris BankButterkupistanJoe Land$5,000,,000.000.00
8)04/28/2019 10:52 pm BankButterkupistanHoly See$6,000,
9)04/16/2019 01:24 am BankButterkupistanHoly See$7,696,316.
10)02/23/2019 10:38 pm ButterkupistanChurch of Spaceology BankButterkupistan$500,
11)02/15/2019 03:23 am Church of Spaceology BankButterkupistanGraveland$
12)02/14/2019 06:06 pm ButterkupistanChurch of Spaceology BankButterkupistan$500,,650.00470.000.000.005,379.001,314.001,570.001,894.001,949.00
13)12/23/2018 10:22 pm Grumpy Old Bastards BankButterkupistanJewidia$
14)12/23/2018 01:44 am ButterkupistanChurch of Spaceology BankButterkupistan$5,000,
15)10/16/2018 06:23 pm ButterkupistanChurch of Spaceology BankButterkupistan$,000.0014,,

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