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Imperial Australian Republic

The Supreme Imperial Australian Republic is a nation led by Divine Emperor Baydonious on the continent of Australia. The Supreme Imperial Australian Republic's government is a Theocratic Dictatorship with very conservative social policies. Economically, The Supreme Imperial Australian Republic favors moderate policies. The official currency of The Supreme Imperial Australian Republic is the Australian Dollar. At 438 days old, The Supreme Imperial Australian Republic is an ancient nation. The Supreme Imperial Australian Republic has a population of 93,184 and a land area of 18,520.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 5.03. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

You are in the realm of the summum caesar and his omnipotent divinity.
Search hard enough and you will find, the number that enlightens the minds eye, do not let it tangle in your thoughts, the number is the clue to the enlightened pathway, we are everywhere, we are organized, we are in multiple alliances, we have intelligence, infiltrators, join the summum imperium and avoid purgation, we are the only state, the absolute state, the absolute power of Orbis.
We provide the wisdom the se3ker se3ks, deemed on their worth, our power exists outside of Orbis, we are more than this..
Search hard enough and you will find the path to the light, the number is the key, enlightenment is the code, we will prevail and triumph over all.

Do not fear death, embrace the new world, we are the bringers of life and death.

One Supreme Emperor
One Absolute Power
One Divinity

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Imperial Australian Republic
Leader Name:Baydonious
Currency:Currency Image Australian Dollar
History:The Supreme Imperial Emperor Baydonious led a successful revolution against the previous Australian Commonwealth Government in the year 2024, just after then beginning of the Third World War, in a ruthless battle between the people and the state which subsequently resulted to the transition of power to The New Imperial Order Party, graciously led by Supreme Emperor Baydonious and his unbreakable Generalissimos and key officials, the powerful and supreme council of the entire Imperial Empire.
After the revolution, the continent was battered by the reality of war, much of our population was killed by the nuclear strikes, we had to settle and use the technology we had, but luckily for us we were already prepared and knew of where more advanced technology was, something which gave us a powerful advantage over possible rival tribes, within 5 years our new state had immediately implemented its new policies, that being the minimization of law, however the introduction of capital punishment, the focus on production and redevelopment of infrastructure, ensuring all citizens are looked after and treated equally, however we will not mess around if necessary..
Land Area:29,804.98 sq. km
Terrain:Much of the greater empire is still irradiated however our technology has allowed us to decontaminate nuclear radiation from large areas in days, so we are beginning to resettle inland.
The Imperial City holds the most beautiful terrain by the coast, however there is beautiful terrain all over the greater empire, we have managed to irrigate water to cultivate the inland areas, which has also grown grass, the greater empire is growing, and it does maintain a strong power, it still has many challenges to face.
Highest Peak:Mt Baydonious , 2,228 meters
Lowest Valley:The Abyss, -900 meters
People & Society
Population:93,184 people
Demonym Plural:Imperials
Ethnic Groups:Imperial Australian (All Races) - 100.0%
Languages:Imperial English - 66.0%
Imperial Baydenese - 40.0%
Religions:Australianism - 100.0%
Baydonoism - 80.0%
Life Expectancy:80 years
Alcohol Users:37%
Tobacco Users:24%
Cannabis Users:43%
Hard Drug Users:0%
Description:The economic model is based around the fact we have every citizen go through a national service/state workforce program in which turns state welfare money into an investment towards the self-development, pride, honor, defense, discipline etc of the nation, for those with entrepreneurial skills we have the private sector invest towards education and art, and due to the death of previous mainstream culture, we have been able to shape our own culture in a positive direction, a society inspired by education, wisdom, ambition, culture, compared to degeneracy or immorality.
We have a free market economy, however we also ensure the state, under personal investigation of the supreme emperor himself, make sure that the competition of business stay fair and that small businesses need a chance to grow, and the workers also need to be treated with respect, the emperor has an open mind to new markets, however anything that could be harmful for the people is to be dismissed.
The Military Industrial Complex of the empire is its main driving force behind its production levels, as all soldiers are also tradesmen, who's skills bring massive gain back to the economy.
Average Yearly Income:$80.19
GDP per Capita:$1,189.42
New Age Entertainment
Imperial Fashion
Imperial Media
Military Industrial Complex
History:The military forces began as a political organization who had grown to 20,000 in strength, originally it was designed to play in the election, however after the Third World War began, the Imperial Guard took advantage of the circumstances and made a successful coupe against the already decimated state.
The military is already at a large percentage of our population, however we need more military to ensure the survival and expansion of the empire.
Nuclear Weapons:0
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