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The Pleasent Land of Les Mora is a nation led by President Alex Morales on the continent of North America. The Pleasent Land of Les Mora's government is a Democracy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, The Pleasent Land of Les Mora favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Pleasent Land of Les Mora is the Dollar. At 228 days old, The Pleasent Land of Les Mora is an old nation. The Pleasent Land of Les Mora has a population of 2,234,788 and a land area of 21,800.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 102.51. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is seriously lacking with an approval rating of 9.5249%.

The Pleasent Land of Les Mora (Leh-Mor-ah) is home to those looking to better their life with vast amounts of opportunities. Help us grow with each other to achieve our long term goal, which is: To provide aid to deserving nations, promote peace on our planet, and development of the new world. Together, we stand for those in need.

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1)11/14/2019 03:04 pm Albion BankLes MoraVerduras$
2)11/11/2019 10:13 pm BankLes MoraGolden specter height$1,277,634.003,091.0028.
3)09/27/2019 06:34 pm Church of Spaceology BankLes MoraForrests Critters$
4)09/08/2019 03:54 pm Pantheon BankLes MoraComtona$36,123,750.
5)08/14/2019 06:23 am BankLes MoraDumberia$147,341.00356.
6)07/25/2019 07:07 pm Les Mora BankLes Mora$5,500,
7)07/25/2019 06:25 am Les Mora BankLes Mora$20,000,
8)07/23/2019 07:26 pm Les Mora BankLes Mora$468,975.
9)07/22/2019 06:28 am BankLes MoraScancostina$11,000,
10)07/20/2019 12:17 pm Seven Kingdoms BankLes Moragolden European$313,109.00151.004.003.0044.
11)07/20/2019 12:16 pm Rose BankLes MoraLimbuwan$598,647.00588.000.006.0037.000.009.0013.00306.00317.00334.00291.00
12)07/19/2019 05:35 pm The Golden Horde BankLes MoraCentaurus$188,679.0069.
13)07/13/2019 10:15 am Rose BankLes MoraBleeding Moon$1,356,590.001,114.0042.007.0047.0045.0030.0019.00342.00378.00514.00482.00
14)07/12/2019 12:54 am Arrgh BankLes MoraThe Irken Empire$
15)07/08/2019 01:52 pm Seven Kingdoms BankLes Moragolden European$40,039.00173.004.002.0026.

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