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Nash World

Nash World is a nation led by Prime Minister Nashnwo0 on the continent of North America. Nash World's government is a Social Democracy with very libertarian social policies. Economically, Nash World favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of Nash World is the Dollar. At 137 days old, Nash World is a mature nation. Nash World has a population of 1,107,116 and a land area of 24,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 46.13. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Democracy is the Road to Socialism.

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1)07/18/2019 10:07 pm The Knights Radiant BankNash WorldViridian Entente$,000.003,
2)07/18/2019 07:48 pm Guardians of the Galaxy BankNash WorldMechanasia$79,881.00411.003.0070.
3)07/17/2019 10:02 am The Commonwealth BankNash WorldNew Galicia$24,484.
4)07/16/2019 08:05 pm Veridian Dynamics BankNash WorldYirlandia$2,000,,
5)07/15/2019 09:32 pm Camelot BankNash WorldRevolutionary Philippines$206,533.0021.0028.0014.0050.0048.0029.0042.008.0019.00255.00247.00
6)07/15/2019 04:30 am Camelot BankNash WorldBritain$202,676.0020.0029.0014.0051.0050.0030.0043.0022.0033.00262.00254.00
7)07/15/2019 12:31 am The Knights Radiant BankNash WorldAlethkar$,200.001,
8)07/14/2019 07:48 am BankNash WorldYirlandia$3,000,,000.000.001,000.00
9)07/12/2019 02:45 am The Knights Radiant BankNash WorldFuyushima$2,000,000.005,,
10)07/11/2019 05:21 am BankNash WorldViridian Entente$4,000,000.002,,000.001,000.001,000.001,000.00
11)07/10/2019 02:59 am The Knights Radiant BankNash WorldFuyushima$4,000,,000.001,000.001,000.001,000.00
12)07/08/2019 11:03 pm The Knights Radiant BankNash WorldAlethkar$4,000,,000.001,000.001,000.001,000.00
13)07/07/2019 06:01 am Order of the White Rose BankNash WorldMagayaad$123,697.00861.0022.003.0046.
14)07/07/2019 04:16 am Black Knights BankNash WorldJustanotherstan$77,322.0044.
15)07/07/2019 04:16 am Camelot BankNash WorldKudiland$679,194.00248.0031.0015.0049.0053.0032.0046.00214.00266.00333.00366.00

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