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Remanent is a nation led by President Axe Bodyspray on the continent of Africa. Remanent's government is a Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, Remanent favors moderate policies. The official currency of Remanent is the Dollar. At 433 days old, Remanent is an ancient nation. Remanent has a population of 1,124,343 and a land area of 15,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 74.96. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Remanent is a nation, created on the crumbling remains of an old one. Forged in blood and glory, it has a rough past, but it came through. We will protect our people, no matter the cost. So don't come knocking.

We offer the lowest prices on trade. We'll match it if someone can beat us!
If you do start a war, It's survival of the fittest.

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1)09/16/2020 07:37 pm The Knights Radiant BankRemanentStonier$191,961.00191.
2)09/10/2020 01:25 pm United Purple Nations BankRemanentFail brigade$177,469.
3)08/09/2020 11:43 am Camelot BankRemanentBarrayar$163,898.0052.
4)06/17/2020 01:16 pm Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo BankRemanentThe Tea Republic$263,963.00424.004.002.0013.002.0014.007.008.0053.0033.004.00
5)06/17/2020 01:16 pm Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo BankRemanentSouthern Rhodesia$116,104.00186.
6)06/17/2020 01:16 pm Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo BankRemanentMuscovy$269,370.00433.004.002.0013.002.0014.007.008.0054.0033.004.00
7)06/17/2020 01:15 pm Crusaders of the Holy Boogaloo BankRemanentSmoze$352,563.00567.005.003.0017.003.0019.0010.0010.0071.0044.005.00
8)06/15/2020 06:50 pm The Holy Frog Empire BankRemanentFrog$270,249.00135.0023.0041.0045.
9)06/10/2020 10:44 pm The Lost Empire BankRemanentEast Lismore$883,703.00451.0024.0027.
10)06/01/2020 04:08 pm The Roxchean Confederations BankRemanentVenedig$79,091.00236.0019.0026.000.0016.0017.007.0034.002.0011.00100.00
11)06/01/2020 01:36 pm The Roxchean Confederations BankRemanentCNN News$7,055.0021.
12)05/28/2020 01:44 pm The Void Touched BankRemanentEnsina$7,877,587.006,405.0021.0029.00153.006.00116.004.00213.00123.0046.00551.00
13)05/28/2020 01:43 pm The Void Touched BankRemanentUtilitarian Accord$7,164,372.005,825.0019.0027.00139.006.00105.003.00193.00112.0042.00501.00
14)05/22/2020 07:31 pm BankRemanent$111,481.0046.000.0015.0020.
15)05/07/2020 06:22 pm Arrgh BankRemanentSwedgeland$22,000,

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