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North Barbarians

North Barbarians is a nation led by Marauder BigWulf on the continent of Africa. North Barbarians's government is a Communist Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, North Barbarians favors moderate policies. The official currency of North Barbarians is the Gold Standard. At 300 days old, North Barbarians is an old nation. North Barbarians has a population of 2,905,563 and a land area of 22,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 132.07. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

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1)10/19/2019 06:14 pm Ming Empire BankNorth BarbariansRoman Empire$16,000,
2)10/01/2019 07:59 pm Ming Empire BankNorth BarbariansNorge$82,000,
3)08/06/2019 05:14 pm Camelot BankNorth BarbariansCatland$282,783.001,116.0017.0062.0043.0050.00149.0030.00110.0034.0058.00183.00
4)07/28/2019 10:15 am Guardians of the Galaxy BankNorth BarbariansThe Last Islamic Caliphate$368,513.00263.007.00193.002.009.0010.0018.00157.0079.0050.0012.00
5)07/26/2019 10:33 pm Solar Knights BankNorth BarbariansStarving$1,101,844.00261.0013.000.0043.
6)07/23/2019 08:24 am Ming Empire BankNorth BarbariansStray Kids$7,000,,000.0010,000.000.005,000.00
7)07/19/2019 01:01 pm Ming Empire BankNorth BarbariansStray Kids$3,000,
8)07/17/2019 11:24 am The Commonwealth BankNorth BarbariansNew Galicia$94,744.0010.
9)07/08/2019 03:17 am Brotherhood of the Clouds BankNorth BarbariansNo Canada$
10)07/07/2019 09:01 pm Brotherhood of the Clouds BankNorth BarbariansCleaning Legion$
11)07/05/2019 02:02 pm Solar Knights BankNorth BarbariansFetils Svell$1,750,636.00120.0025.0027.0029.001.0015.0017.00180.00158.00165.00219.00
12)07/05/2019 02:01 pm Black Knights BankNorth BarbariansKami no Itte$25,514.0014.
13)07/05/2019 01:59 pm Camelot BankNorth BarbariansSaint Augustine$107,264.007.0013.006.000.0022.0013.0019.0038.008.0093.00118.00
14)07/05/2019 01:56 pm Camelot BankNorth BarbariansPrometheus$785,157.0054.0098.0047.001.00166.0099.00143.00283.0060.00683.00869.00
15)06/28/2019 09:55 pm Ming Empire BankNorth BarbariansNorge$1,000,000.0015,,000.007,000.007,000.003,000.00

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