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Cubland is a nation led by FlubberInLeading FIL Flubber Sr on the continent of Australia. Cubland's government is a Socialist Dictatorship with very liberal social policies. Economically, Cubland favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of Cubland is the Energon Cubes. At 1,496 days old, Cubland is an ancient nation. Cubland has a population of 578,620 and a land area of 17,986.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 32.17. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Social Democracy of Cubbia: 2036-2037

Stratocracy: 2037-2037

2nd Social Democracy: 2038-2040 (Presidents Rizzo, Wheeler)

2nd Stratocracy: 2040-2040 (April-May)- Heyland Fisher's dictatorship (Bryantian Council)

3rd Democracy: 2040-2043, voluntary absolute rule by Wheeler

4th Democracy: 2043-2057, highly decentralized w/ no leader

2057-2064: Communist Dictatorship (Cubland Soviet)

2064: 5th Democracy begins after fall of Riggleman-a-glenview and surrender of communists (December 12th). 

2065: The Third Eye: Far-right anticommunist, antiliberal government. 

2079: Cubbian Uprising- Transhuman Coup, Authoritarian Leftist Government

This is interpreted from what is left of the national archives- most of which burned in the dial up war. The original document has been read by historians to form this consensus. To read the original document go here:

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National Factbook
Flag: National Flag
Nation Name: Cubland
Leader Name: FIL Flubber Sr
Currency: Currency Image
Energon Cubes
National Animal: National Animal Image
History: The Nation of Cubbia is a land in which Cubs fans, a religious sect based on an ancient baseball team in pre-orbis history. Approximately 800,000 years ago, Cubbianism split in two. Bryantian Cubbianism, those still believing in the actual spirit of baseball, and Rendonian cubbianism. Cubbia is a free nation, but is mostly made up of Bryantian Cubbians.

The official history begins in December 2064, the founding of the 5th democracy, because most details have been lost in war. However, the nation description contains most of the important events.

December 2064: Elections for first time since 4th democracy.
7 parties participate:
-Social Democrats of Old (Moderate, Pro-Democracy statists) 1-4
-National Coalition for Reconstruction (Pro-army party supporting aggresive action against former communists) 5-6
-Partiya Trotskiya (Communist Reformist Democratic, traditional pre-orbis values) 7
-Anakata (Xu ethnic party, pacifist, economically decentral left) 8
-Citizens for Reformation of Bryantian Council (Fisherites) 9-10
-Miners' United Front (single-issue miner's party) 11
-Alahaka Nimihara (Anti-monopolist economic conservatives, Xu-influenced) 12-13

Cubbia: SDO 5, NCR 4, PT 2, AN 1, CRBC 5, MUF 3, ALN 0
R-A-G: SDO 6, NCR 4, PT 0, AN 1, CRBC 2, MUF 1, ALN 6
Rizzonia: SDO 5, NCR 5, PT 2, AN 5, CRBC 1, MUF 2, ALN 2
CM: SDO 11, NCR 2, PT 3, AN 0, CRBC 2, MUF 2, ALN 2
GC: SDO 8, NCR 5, PT 0, AN 2, CRBC 2, MUF 0, ALN 3
Cubbub: SDO 7, NCR 3, PT 1, AN 2, CRBC 1, MUF 4, ALN 1
Brachia: SDO 5, NCR 2, PT 1, AN 3, CRBC 3, MUF 2, ALN 4
P-A-G: SDO 10, NCR 3, PT 2, AN 1, CRBC 3, MUF 2, ALN 0
Schwarbasia: SDO 7, NCR 3, PT 1, AN 1, CRBC 5, MUF 2, ALN 3
B-G-A-G: SDO 3, NCR 3, PT 3, AN 1, CRBC 3, MUF 4, ALN 3
WG: SDO 6, NCR 2, PT 0, AN 1, CRBC 4, MUF 5, ALN 3
PC: SDO 11, NCR 4, PT 2, AN 0, CRBC 2, MUF 1, ALN 2
AA: SDO 4, NCR 1, PT 2, AN 0, CRBC 5, MUF 1, ALN 5
Final Totals: SDO 88, NCR 41, PT 19, AN 17, CRBC 36, MUF 29, ALN 34
Grand total: 264: 133 needed for majority - initial result hung parliament

Negotiations began immediately after results were certified on December 19, 2064.
SDO offered greater protections against hate crimes against Xu citizens to AN and ALN. AN accepted, ALN refused. SDO/AN Coalition moved to 105, still 28 seats short. Meanwhile, CRBC and NCR offered coalition, with NCR agreeing not to pursue general anti-extremism and instead strictly focus on anti-communism. NCR/CRBC stood at 77. MUF eventually joined SDO/AN, creating a weak coalition government marred by social disputes. Most MUF members were considerably to the social right of SDO and AN members, sometimes with anti-Xu sentiment.

The 5th democracy's 1st council had two main coalitions: SDO/AN/MUF and NCR/CRBC. PT and ALN both stood alone. A Coalition-based new election was scheduled for January 19, 2065.

Some were left wondering how different the coalitions really were when SDO adopted death penalty for traitors, endorsed Bryantian Cubbianism, and repealed gay marriage.

In a false-flag attack by the NCR, On January 3rd NCR-aligned militants attacked the Government City Admin Building claiming to be communists. Late in the evening of January 4th, the SDO conceded defeat as the violence in the streets ended in the massacre of communists. Muellerians and Xu were attacked alike, as well as Xu Bryantian Cubbian extremists. A state-atheist government, the Imperium of the Inner Island ("The Third Eye") was proclaimed at 3:30 AM on the 5th, which wielded violence against all non-NCR parties, though CRBC was largely spared. The Third Eye emphasized the supremacy of Ethnic Cubbians over Muellerites and Xu. It banned the practice of Xu Bryantian Cubbianism, Muellerian Cubbianism, and a rare variant called Rendonian Cubbianism. The repressive new government generally left most Bryantian Cubbians alone to avoid division. But most already hated the minority rule. And the fisherites are preparing to usurp them...
Continent: Australia
Land Area: 28,945.59 sq. km
Terrain: Widely varied, plains and mountains. Lots of lakes. A LOT of urban areas.
Highest Peak: Mt. Bryant, 3,955 meters
Lowest Valley: Flubber Sr. Valley, -223 meters
Climate: Moderate and Dry
People & Society
Population: 578,620 people
Demonym: Cubbian
Demonym Plural: Cubbians
Ethnic Groups: Cubbians - 89.7%
Muellerites - 5.3%
Xu - 5.0%
Languages: Cubbian English - 98.0%
Cubbian Espanic - 1.7%
Muellerian - 0.3%
Religions: Bryantian Cubbianism - 91.5%
Cubbian Muellerism - 8.0%
Rendonian Cubbiansm - 0.5%
Life Expectancy: 72 years
Obesity: 15%
Alcohol Users: 26%
Tobacco Users: 12%
Cannabis Users: 42%
Hard Drug Users: 2%
Description: Socialism and Democracy
Average Yearly Income: $46.18
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $576,688,146.00
GDP per Capita: $996.66
Gross National Income (GNI): $177,094,350.00
Industries: Uranium and Loot from raids make up our economy. And lots of commerce
Soldiers: 0
Tanks: 0
Aircraft: 0
Ships: 6
Missiles: 0
Nuclear Weapons: 0
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