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Republic of Mesopotamia

The Democratic People's Republic of Mesopotamia is a nation led by Commissar Emporer Palpatine on the continent of Africa. The Democratic People's Republic of Mesopotamia's government is a Socialist Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, The Democratic People's Republic of Mesopotamia favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Democratic People's Republic of Mesopotamia is the Pakistani Rupee. At 210 days old, The Democratic People's Republic of Mesopotamia is an old nation. The Democratic People's Republic of Mesopotamia has a population of 376,702 and a land area of 2,180.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 172.80. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

National News
- The current leader is ousted and the Facist party succeds in a military coup and takes control of the nation.
-After a quick war,The Facist Leader commits suicide and The Democratic Party takes control

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Republic of Mesopotamia
Leader Name:Emporer Palpatine
Currency:Currency Image Pakistani Rupee
History:- The country of Mesopotamia came into Existence on June,19 1942 after revolting against the British and being funded by the Nazi Germans

- On September,26 1944 the Germans withdrew all funding and Thhe Mesopotamian Revolution with their 44,000 strong was surrounded and destroyed at New Baghdad

- The leaders of the movement went into exile in moving place to place

- On October,23 1969 the leaders of the movement gathered a inexperienced army of 10,000 know today as the infamous Mesopotamian Armed Forces and Took the British embassy guarded by 300 soilders on the island forcing a surrender

- The country of Mesopotamia was born

- The new nation had a rocky start

- On December,14 1971 A Commander known simply as Thrawn revolted and tried to set a Monarchy

- On February,2 1971 Thrawn and his army of 22,000 took the city New Bagdhad

- However he was forced to surrender after a desperate siege of the city that started on February,2 1971 lasted until April,30 1972

- Thrawn was later executed on December,25 1972

- In 1973 The Mesopotamian Armed Forces was radicly reformed numbering 16,000

- Dispite the reforms the country fell into a civil war on July,6 1984 between the Government,The Communists,The Facists,The the Anarhists,and the Monarchists

- The Government barely emerged victorious

- At the end of the war in 1989 the Government enacted a purge to make sure something like this never happens again

- On September,17 1991 to Government made the decision to switch to a Democracy

- On November,28 1996 The country fell into another civil war lasting all the way until 2018

- The Democratic Government only had 26,000 men while The Rebels had over 89,000 men.

- On April,18 2018 the civil war ended the Democratic Government being overthrown and replaced with the Socialist Government known as The People's Republic of Mesopotamia

Land Area:3,508.36 sq. km
Terrain:- In the North we have Large snowy mountains,the tallest of witch is Mount Konami

- On the coast we have rocky beaches making a naval invasion near impossible

- In the south we have valleys that stretch from coast to cost
Highest Peak:Mount Konami, 4,000 meters
Lowest Valley:The Great Valley , -684 meters
Climate:- In spring the avarage temperature is 63 degrees Fahrenheit

- In Winter the average temperature is 22 degrees Fahrenheit

- In Summer the average temperature is 72 degrees Fahrenheit

- In Fall the avarage temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit
People & Society
Population:376,702 people
Demonym Plural:Mesopotamians
Ethnic Groups:Mesopotamian - 58.3%
Persian - 18.1%
Kurds - 12.8%
Languages:Iraqi - 78.4%
Persian - 14.5%
Kurdish - 7.1%
Religions:Ju'che - 100.0%
None - 0.0%
None - 0.0%
Life Expectancy:86 years
Alcohol Users:0.5%
Tobacco Users:3.5%
Cannabis Users:0.1%
Hard Drug Users:0.4%
Description:Our current Government is a Socialist Republic.

We have three branches

- The legislative branch

First The citizens vote on a topic
Then they have to reach a common stance of the issue

-after the first step the proposal goes up to a city council.

Each City council has 200 Proconsuls.

The proposal has to get a majority vote of one thirds

After this the proposal goes up to the supreme council and the Counsul.

Each city has 50 representatives in the supreme council and the proposal must have a majority vote of 80% and the approval of the Counul to become a official law.

- The judicial Branch

First the suspect is to report to his local community court to face trail

If the local court doesn't reach a common conclusion

he gets moved up to the city court and if they don't reach a common conclusion they have a month to come to a agreement

If this deadline is not met he gets moved up to the Supreme Court and if they don't reach a common conclusion the suspect will be proven innocent until proven otherwise

- The Executive Branch

This Branch handles all the other topics such as economics and defense.

The supreme council and the commission to disscus important issues

The Commissar is similar to a U.S President and is elected every 3 years with 4 terms max
Average Yearly Income:$56.91
GDP per Capita:$415.00
Industries:We make our money from our world famous gasoline.Our gasoline is famous for being extremely high quality.With that we can charge even more money for less quantitys
History:-The Mesopotamian Armed Forces was founded in 1973 after Thrawn's revolt of 1971

- The Mesopotamian Royal Navy was founded in 1989

The Mesopotamian Air Force was formed in 1994

The main tactic of The Mesopotamian Military is to deal a killing blow as quickly as possible and trying to flank the enemy as fast as possible .Also if you are at war with us you have 3 days to surrender before we enact our unconditional surrender policy
Nuclear Weapons:0
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