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Russian Federation

The Russian Federation is a nation led by President Saddam Hussien on the continent of Asia. The Russian Federation's government is a Federal Republic with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, The Russian Federation favors right wing policies. The official currency of The Russian Federation is the Ruble. At 195 days old, The Russian Federation is a mature nation. The Russian Federation has a population of 254,996 and a land area of 9,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 28.33. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Russia is the largest country in the world. Its area is 17 098.242 thousand square km. The state is located in eastern Europe and northern Asia.

From north to south the country stretches for over 4,000 km; from west to east – for almost 10,000 km. Russia borders on 16 countries. In the south-east - with North Korea (DPRK), in the south with China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia; in the south-west - with Ukraine, in the west with Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Norway; the Kaliningrad Region borders on Lithuania and Poland.

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