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Holynnian Empire

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Holynnian Empire is a nation led by Revolutionist Thomas Holynn on the continent of North America. Holynnian Empire's government is a Parliamentary Republic with very libertarian social policies. Economically, Holynnian Empire favors extremely left wing policies. The official currency of Holynnian Empire is the Holynnian Dollar. At 1,048 days old, Holynnian Empire is an ancient nation. Holynnian Empire has a population of 2,491,659 and a land area of 22,500.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 110.74. Pollution in the nation is a disaster. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.


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1)05/29/2021 03:14 am Black Knights BankHolynnian EmpireSilesia$
2)05/28/2021 05:44 pm The Order BankHolynnian Empirechucklandia8526$282,243.0097.
3)05/21/2021 09:23 pm Aurora BankHolynnian EmpireDistricts Of Ardria$90,000,
4)05/15/2021 06:50 pm Capi Hnizdo BankHolynnian EmpireAraucanian Commonwealth$233,280,
5)05/14/2021 09:39 pm BankHolynnian EmpireDer-Elppa$15,000,
6)05/07/2021 05:33 pm Aurora BankHolynnian EmpireRazer$52,000,
7)02/28/2021 03:40 pm Aurora BankHolynnian EmpireDer-Elppa$38,000,
8)02/27/2021 03:01 am BankHolynnian EmpireHolynnian Empire$25,000,
9)02/27/2021 02:46 am BankHolynnian EmpireHolynnian Empire$30,000,
10)02/12/2021 12:41 am Holynnian Empire BankHolynnian Empire$4,480,
11)02/07/2021 08:14 pm Holynnian Empire BankHolynnian Empire$4,480,
12)02/02/2021 09:18 pm Holynnian Empire BankHolynnian Empire$8,960,
13)01/25/2021 04:17 am Holynnian Empire BankHolynnian Empire$4,480,
14)01/22/2021 10:13 pm BankHolynnian EmpireStarric$32,000,
15)01/18/2021 08:07 am Acadia BankHolynnian EmpireScottish Highlands$

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