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The Const. Democratic Republic of Chickenlandia is a nation led by President ReadingChicken on the continent of North America. The Const. Democratic Republic of Chickenlandia's government is a Constitutional Republic with very moderate social policies. Economically, The Const. Democratic Republic of Chickenlandia favors moderate policies. The official currency of The Const. Democratic Republic of Chickenlandia is the Dollar. At 1,125 days old, The Const. Democratic Republic of Chickenlandia is an ancient nation. The Const. Democratic Republic of Chickenlandia has a population of 3,330,853 and a land area of 39,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 85.41. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is sufficient with an approval rating of 72.5338%.

Keeper-in-training of the Federation

Proud to have NEVER run out of food!

Read my factbook please

Chickenlandia celebrated its first birthday on August 29th, 2019 irl/August 12th, 2043 in-game!

Tl;dr drink some water

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1)08/16/2021 01:26 am The Federation BankChickenlandiaOdinheim$76,000,
2)07/15/2021 11:56 pm Camelot BankChickenlandiaDawnguard$160,632.00205.0011.0014.005.003.0016.001.0023.006.002.0021.00
3)07/08/2021 07:02 pm Rakatan Infinite Empire BankChickenlandiaFederal Republic Of Duluth$4,
4)07/03/2021 09:55 pm Rakatan Infinite Empire BankChickenlandiaFederal Republic Of Duluth$95,984.
5)06/28/2021 02:54 pm ChickenlandiaThe Federation BankChickenlandia$2,500,000.360.
6)06/22/2021 03:35 am Knights Templar BankChickenlandiaCalondia$809,772.003,166.0024.0062.0057.
7)05/30/2021 03:08 am The Federation BankChickenlandiaOdinheim$124,000,
8)04/14/2021 01:36 am ChickenlandiaThe Federation BankChickenlandia$601,838.
9)04/14/2021 01:34 am The Federation BankChickenlandiaOdinheim$3,145,000.00766,500.0010,100.0010,010.00200.0050.00175.0020.0014,320.0013,755.0011,315.004,435.00
10)04/12/2021 09:54 pm ChickenlandiaThe Federation BankChickenlandia$3,145,800.02766,250.0010,100.0010,010.00200.0050.00175.0020.0014,320.7713,755.9711,315.144,435.25
11)02/16/2021 09:55 pm Arrgh BankChickenlandiaMy Country$0.0012.
12)01/12/2021 05:14 am The Federation BankChickenlandiaOdinheim$118,000,
13)12/09/2020 01:52 pm Carthago BankChickenlandiaKebab$14,
14)11/13/2020 02:14 pm The Enterprise BankChickenlandiaAltern$27,667.00441.000.000.0027.
15)11/13/2020 02:11 pm The Enterprise BankChickenlandiaSpira$13,013.00207.000.000.0012.

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