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Srbija Horfrea

The Independent Republic of Srbija Horfrea is a nation led by Premier David Meisgeier on the continent of Europe. The Independent Republic of Srbija Horfrea's government is a Parliamentary Republic with very fascist social policies. Economically, The Independent Republic of Srbija Horfrea favors extremely right wing policies. The official currency of The Independent Republic of Srbija Horfrea is the Euro. At 299 days old, The Independent Republic of Srbija Horfrea is an old nation. The Independent Republic of Srbija Horfrea has a population of 3,559,148 and a land area of 32,750.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 108.68. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

"The struggle is already coming to an end, and devils are dying,
The Land blossoms all and all is shining,
A New Age is coming.
Our fighters are gifted with glory and the gratitude of the people,
The Red flame is dying,
And our freedom is in sight.
A peaceful rest for the heroes,
Glory to all of them.
And we shall go onwards,
Until the Evil is dead,
The Army shall come to victory,
And bring heaven to the Land."

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Srbija Horfrea
Leader Name:David Meisgeier
Currency:Currency Image Euro
History:Following the Yugoslavian breakup, the Horfrean part of Serbia demanded independence from their mother country, to which Serbia said no. So in late 2001, Horfrean fighters engaged and sabotaged Serbian military soldiers and vehicles. This resulted in a bloody 17-year civil war, which split the nation between the Horfreans and the Democrats. On August 7, 2018, leaders of both sides (Hrf) Meisgeier and (Dem) Vučić met at a peace summit. Two weeks later, on August 21 the Independent Republic of Srbija Horfrea declared independence.
Land Area:52,705.89 sq. km
Terrain:Srbija Horfrea's terrain ranges from rich, fertile plains of the northern Vojvodina region, limestone ranges and basins in the east, and in the south, the Rhodope mountains. The north is dominated by the Danube River, and the country is blessed with several thousand acres of rich farmland.
Highest Peak:Midžor, 2,200 meters
Lowest Valley:Timok Basin, 30 meters
Climate:Srbija Horfrea's climate is between a continental climate in the north, with cold winters, and hot, humid summers. Evenly distributed rainfall patterns and a more Adriatic climate presides over the south with hot, dry summers and autumns and rank daily average relatively cold winters with heavy inland snowfall.
People & Society
Population:3,559,148 people
Demonym Plural:Horfreans
Ethnic Groups:Slavs - 86.9%
Germanic - 10.0%
Other - 3.1%
Languages:Serbian - 98.0%
German - 2.0%
None - 0.0%
Religions:Christianity - 96.5%
Islamic - 2.6%
Cultist - 0.9%
Life Expectancy:78 years
Alcohol Users:51.3%
Tobacco Users:19.1%
Cannabis Users:21.7%
Hard Drug Users:1.2%
Description:This nation practices a capitalist economic system.
Average Yearly Income:$1,323.13
GDP per Capita:$1,165.98
Industries:Major industry is steel manufacturing as well as tourism of mountains and rivers. Srbija Horfrea takes pride in its munitions industry.
History:The National Army was formally established in 2003 and got much of its military equipment from Russia and Germany. Following the end of the Great War for Independence, Srbija Horfrea seeks to continuously expand its military and form an air force, as well as practice self-sufficiency in arms supplies.
Nuclear Weapons:0
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