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Rayken is a nation led by Imperator Skinny on the continent of Europe. Rayken's government is a Democracy with very moderate social policies. Economically, Rayken favors moderate policies. The official currency of Rayken is the Bitcoin. At 453 days old, Rayken is an ancient nation. Rayken has a population of 3,693,438 and a land area of 32,505.89 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 113.62. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.


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1)09/15/2019 02:38 pm The Knights Radiant BankRaykenCloud Nation$328,562.00698.
2)09/09/2019 08:35 pm The Knights Radiant BankRaykenCloud Nation$142,753.00231.000.000.0013.
3)09/07/2019 02:26 pm Church of Spaceology BankRaykenJagulandia$6,681.
4)09/07/2019 01:21 pm Rose BankRayken300 Spartans$229,426.00473.002.0017.0023.0023.002.000.0057.0053.00105.0032.00
5)09/03/2019 03:50 pm The Knights Radiant BankRaykenMiddle Earth$94,428.00237.000.000.0011.
6)09/01/2019 10:01 pm The Knights Radiant BankRaykenCloud Nation$99,304.00329.
7)08/28/2019 12:22 am Knights Templar BankRaykenCocania$45,288.00161.
8)08/26/2019 06:35 pm The Hanseatic League BankRaykenIdefk$,000.005,
9)08/25/2019 02:13 pm The Knights Radiant BankRaykenKingdom Of Dark$187,383.00261.
10)08/24/2019 10:03 pm The Knights Radiant BankRaykenMiddle Earth$66,609.0060.
11)08/20/2019 03:23 am Rose BankRayken300 Spartans$498,387.00715.006.0028.0025.
12)08/17/2019 10:07 pm Church of Spaceology BankRaykenJagulandia$
13)08/17/2019 08:08 pm Knights Templar BankRaykenAnzac$34,241.00140.
14)08/17/2019 03:12 pm Church of Spaceology BankRaykenImperius Dominatus$
15)08/09/2019 10:08 pm Rose BankRaykenRio Grande$1,887,922.001,220.0035.0034.0056.0031.007.0031.00501.00488.00658.00432.00

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