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The Fire Nation

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The Fire Nation is a nation led by Fire Lord Sozin on the continent of Australia. The Fire Nation's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very liberal social policies. Economically, The Fire Nation favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The Fire Nation is the Australian Dollar. At 801 days old, The Fire Nation is an ancient nation. The Fire Nation has a population of 7,530,000 and a land area of 60,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 125.50. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

The Fire Nation is an absolute monarchy led by the Fire Lord and home to most firebenders. Its capital is simply known as Capital City.
Its strong industrial sector and extensive technological developments not only enabled the Fire Nation to create an extremely powerful military, but also initiated the worldwide modernisation and globalisation.
The new fire nation will regain its former glory!!
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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:The Fire Nation
Leader Name:Sozin
Currency:Currency Image Australian Dollar
History:In the era of Raava, predecessors of the Fire Nation received the element of fire from lion turtles that granted the bending art through energybending. They could request the ability whenever they ventured into the Spirit Wilds, to aid in the gathering of food and resources while defending themselves from hostile spirits. These people eventually congregated to form the Fire Nation after the lion turtles renounced their roles as protectors of mankind. At this point, the ancestors of the first Fire Nation citizens left the lion turtle cities in favour of establishing settlements in the western hemisphere along the equator. Soon they were sent you what is now known as Australia as outcasts from the western world.

Nevertheless, several aspects of life and observances practised by the predecessors of the first citizens of the Fire Nation became part of the nation's culture, such as in the use of hybrid pigs as a primary means of sustenance. More importantly, the longstanding desire to conquer and expand into the unknown, such as a failed attempt by several villagers to set up a settlement in the Spirit Wilds, and the development of a warrior culture which depended on central leadership emerged among the predecessors of the Fire Nation. These characteristics continued to remain prevalent as seen during the Fire Nation's imperialistic endeavours in the antebellum period that directly preceded the outbreak of the Hundred Year War.

After Avatar Wan closed the spirit portals, the humans began to wage war among themselves, eventually spreading out across the landmass to establish villages all over the archipelago. The Sun Warriors civilization flourishes and develops the original firebending techniques from dragons. They eventually go into hiding, leaving a great cultural and architectural influence on the later Fire Nation. The disaggregated states were collectively known as the Fire Islands and controlled by warlords, who regularly engaged in conflict for territory. Among these warlords was Toz, who was renowned for mandating annual tributes from all of the villages under his control.

Toz's policies were harsh and brutal, even once involving the abduction of children from a village that refused to provide him with offerings. This resulted in the deaths of the mothers from the village who returned to the mortal realm as dark spirits that became known as the Kemurikage, who haunted and abducted children from Toz's encampment until his regime collapsed. The spirits continued to haunt the warlords until one individual took control and brought the warlords to justice. He also united the Fire Islands into a single political unit and eventually became to be known as the first Fire Lord, the leader of the Fire Sages, descendants from the Bhanti Tribe. At some point, the Fire Lord split from the Fire Sages, assuming political power for himself, changing the Fire Nation's religious rule into an autocratic empire ruled by his family.

The history of the Fire Nation from inception was documented extensively by the Fire Sages, who commissioned an ever-growing mural in the corridors of the Dragonbone Catacombs, which also served as the burial sites for all of the deceased Fire Lords. Along with the murals, numerous scrolls detailing the recorded history, personal accounts, and myths of the Fire Nation were also placed along the corridors, pertaining specifically to certain subjects in the nation's past, such as the unification of the Fire Islands by the first Fire Lord and the origin of the Kemurikage.

ORBIS History (DD: MM: YYYY):
Joined ------------------------------------------------------------------ 27/04/2018
Recruited into Western Union by Valkorion Baratheon----- 28/04/2018
Western Union merged and became Ordo Paradoxia-------02/06/2018
Ordo Paradoxia rebranding to La Mafia ------------------------31/07/2018
Established 10th city -------------------------------------------------16/09/2018
Left La Mafia and joined Order of the White Rose------------12/12/2018
First Nuke Eaten ------------------------------------------------------18/12/2018
Became nuclear capable--------------------------------------------09/04/2019
1st Orbis Birthday-----------------------------------------------------27/04/2019
First Nuke Launched-------------------------------------------------18/06/2019
Became Vicarius of OWR internal Affairs-----------------------01/03/2020
2nd Orbis Birthday----------------------------------------------------27/04/2020
Land Area:96,560.40 sq. km
Terrain:Because of a warm and humid climate, the Fire Nation is home to a variety of native flora and fauna, though largely it consists of rough, grassy plains bearing little wildlife.
Highest Peak:Avatar Temple, 9,170 meters
Lowest Valley:, 0 meters
People & Society
Population:7,530,000 people
Demonym Plural:
Ethnic Groups: - 0.0%
Languages: - 0.0%
Religions:Fire Sages - 88.0%
Life Expectancy:82 years
Alcohol Users:60%
Tobacco Users:40%
Cannabis Users:59%
Hard Drug Users:13%
Average Yearly Income:$149.08
GDP per Capita:$1,097.72
Nuclear Weapons:17
Last Updated: 06/20/2020 02:20 pm