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Hjaltland is a nation led by Jarl Modi on the continent of Europe. Hjaltland's government is a Absolute Monarchy with very liberal social policies. Economically, Hjaltland favors far left wing policies. The official currency of Hjaltland is the Orbis Note. At 419 days old, Hjaltland is an ancient nation. Hjaltland has a population of 802,717 and a land area of 26,500.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 30.29. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is plentiful with an approval rating of 98.5074%.

By sword and shield we are always free!

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1)06/20/2019 05:30 am Camelot BankHjaltlandTalamh an Eisc$3,011,031.00835.0032.0081.00309.0090.0013.0037.00342.00414.00241.00344.00
2)06/19/2019 02:55 pm HjaltlandThe Knights Radiant BankHjaltland$0.000.00156.0085.00200.00211.00202.6462.004,000.004,000.003,000.004,000.00
3)06/19/2019 02:52 pm Camelot BankHjaltlandEmpire of Britannia$134,679.0054.001.005.0019.
4)06/17/2019 02:43 pm The Knights Radiant BankHjaltlandFuyushima$,000.000.00
5)06/17/2019 08:38 am The Knights Radiant BankHjaltlandFuyushima$0.0010,,000.000.005,000.00
6)06/15/2019 06:35 am Empyrea BankHjaltlandLong Guo$204,161.00116.0024.0051.0041.0041.0011.0010.0043.0024.003.000.00
7)06/14/2019 10:48 am Empyrea BankHjaltlandWaverider$3,
8)06/12/2019 06:04 am The Knights Radiant BankHjaltlandFuyushima$0.005,,000.002,000.000.001,000.00
9)06/05/2019 08:56 pm BankHjaltlandYirlandia$15,000,,000.003,000.006,000.002,000.00
10)05/31/2019 06:11 am BankHjaltlandViridian Entente$,000.007,000.005,000.000.00
11)05/30/2019 08:53 am Empyrea BankHjaltlandThe Mystic Orthodox Order$214,056.002,013.0028.0034.0027.0028.0048.008.0069.0066.0062.0075.00
12)05/28/2019 06:36 am The Knights Radiant BankHjaltlandFuyushima$9,000,
13)05/27/2019 03:00 pm The Knights Radiant BankHjaltlandFuyushima$,000.003,
14)05/26/2019 08:06 am HjaltlandThe Knights Radiant BankHjaltland$90,000,
15)05/26/2019 02:19 am HjaltlandThe Knights Radiant BankHjaltland$0.0030,,,500.0031,500.0019,000.002,000.00

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