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Freed merican brotherhood
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Freed merican brotherhood is a nation led by God Calvin on the continent of North America. Freed merican brotherhood's government is a Democracy with very moderate social policies. Economically, Freed merican brotherhood favors right wing policies. The official currency of Freed merican brotherhood is the Dollar. At 434 days old, Freed merican brotherhood is an ancient nation. Freed merican brotherhood has a population of 1,724,119 and a land area of 20,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 86.21. Pollution in the nation is evident. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

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1)06/24/2019 04:27 pm Carthago BankFreed merican brotherhoodMeranthe$5,000,,000.000.00
2)06/21/2019 12:01 am Guardian BankFreed merican brotherhoodAtempt$475,609.00398.006.003.0075.0024.0018.000.00216.00222.00197.00158.00
3)06/20/2019 04:13 pm Ming Empire BankFreed merican brotherhoodIcille$220,324.00532.001.000.0021.
4)12/23/2018 06:12 pm The Knights Radiant BankFreed merican brotherhoodRedFivia$762,371.003,092.0026.0081.0021.0037.0047.0030.0038.0073.00163.0063.00
5)12/23/2018 12:29 pm The Knights Radiant BankFreed merican brotherhoodYuru Yuri$420,302.001,683.0014.0044.0011.0020.0026.0016.0020.0040.0086.0036.00
6)12/21/2018 03:27 am Dark Brotherhood BankFreed merican brotherhoodAlderaan$
7)10/23/2018 04:15 pm Freed merican brotherhoodDark Brotherhood BankFreed merican brotherhood$15,000,,
8)08/11/2018 11:36 pm BankFreed merican brotherhoodPolish Empire$328,133.00372.0043.
9)07/29/2018 06:10 am BankFreed merican brotherhoodMeranthe$1,372,677.,
10)07/29/2018 06:06 am Freed merican brotherhood BankFreed merican brotherhood$2,000,,000.002,000.003,000.00500.00
11)07/29/2018 04:25 am BankFreed merican brotherhoodMeranthe$2,000,,000.003,000.00500.00
12)07/29/2018 01:14 am Freed merican brotherhood BankFreed merican brotherhood$1,372,677.
13)07/26/2018 12:17 am Empyrea BankFreed merican brotherhoodRS Russia$658,695.002,293.001.0024.0035.
14)07/26/2018 12:16 am Empyrea BankFreed merican brotherhoodThe Group of Orange$729,263.002,539.002.0027.0039.
15)07/23/2018 04:08 pm Empyrea BankFreed merican brotherhoodNCRC$183,979.001,743.001.0018.0021.

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