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Silver Shirts of America

Silver Shirts of America is a nation led by Father Wiliam Dudley Pelley on the continent of North America. Silver Shirts of America's government is a Dictatorship with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, Silver Shirts of America favors extremely right wing policies. The official currency of Silver Shirts of America is the Dollar. At 501 days old, Silver Shirts of America is an ancient nation. Silver Shirts of America has a population of 439,871 and a land area of 5,900.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 74.55. Pollution in the nation is almost non-existent. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Silver Shirts of America
Leader Name:Wiliam Dudley Pelley
Currency:Currency Image Dollar
Continent:North America
Land Area:9,495.11 sq. km
Terrain:The terrain is very rough, the coastline is rockey and uneven with many bays.
Inland icecaped mountains scatter throughout the region with thick tall forests covering the rest of the land.
The rockey inland terrain makes large scale farming difficult and unproductive.
Highest Peak:Mt. Fatpdf, 8,058 meters
Lowest Valley:The grave, -1,609 meters
Climate:The climate can be very harsh. With winter temps averageing in the low teens ( Fahrenheit ) but it’s not unheard of temperature dipping as low as -10*F. The lowest recorded temperature was recorded at -27*F.
Summer tenps average around 70-80*F but have reached 105*F before.
People & Society
Population:439,871 people
Demonym Plural:
Ethnic Groups:Caucasian - 100.0%
Languages:English - 100.0%
German - 80.9%
Religions: Christianity - 99.9%
Life Expectancy:94 years
Alcohol Users:25.3%
Tobacco Users:10.2%
Cannabis Users:1.1%
Hard Drug Users:0.1%
Description:The Silver Shirts of America have a nationalist capitalist economy.
Exports include but are not limited to coal, iron, steel, silver shirts, weapons, food, uranium, and chunks of lead
Average Yearly Income:$441.04
GDP per Capita:$212.30
Industries: Major industries include but are not limited to coal mining, iron mining, uranium mining, lead mining and steel production.
Nuclear Weapons:0
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