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Sioux is a nation led by Chief Kuester on the continent of North America. Sioux's government is a Constitutional Republic with very conservative social policies. Economically, Sioux favors extremely right wing policies. The official currency of Sioux is the Dollar. At 415 days old, Sioux is an ancient nation. Sioux has a population of 261,389 and a land area of 16,002.03 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 16.33. Pollution in the nation is a problem. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

Only legit tribe recognized nation under the Great Spirit.

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1)03/15/2019 05:33 pm Frontier Records BankSiouxImperial Balkania$100,000,
2)01/27/2019 08:16 pm Arrgh BankSioux$61,
3)01/05/2019 03:14 pm Rough Riders BankSiouxImperial Balkania$1,182,000.000.0012.00100.0070.008.00216.000.00215.0065.0041.000.00
4)01/04/2019 06:37 pm Rough Riders BankSiouxImperial Balkania$1,000,
5)01/04/2019 08:30 am Rough Riders BankSiouxImperial Balkania$9,100,000.00406.00105.000.00184.0041.00630.000.00573.00321.00204.000.00
6)12/29/2018 04:56 am Rough Riders BankSiouxSioux$4,706,700.760.
7)12/26/2018 05:10 am Rough Riders BankSiouxImperial Balkania$8,100,
8)12/10/2018 03:46 am Rough Riders BankSiouxSioux$1,685,806.
9)11/23/2018 04:16 am Goon Squad BankSiouxPrometheus$48,
10)10/11/2018 03:23 am SiouxRough Riders BankSioux$1,000,
11)09/29/2018 05:18 am Rough Riders BankSiouxImperial Balkania$16,000,
12)09/15/2018 12:52 am Rough Riders BankSiouxImperial Balkania$27,000,
13)08/29/2018 12:01 am BankSiouxRepublic of New Zealand$1,575,043.001,549.0040.0024.0010.0022.0017.0031.0011.00143.0091.0047.00
14)08/25/2018 06:13 am Rough Riders BankSiouxImperial Balkania$23,000,
15)08/10/2018 09:27 pm Rough Riders BankSiouxImperial Balkania$11,000,

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