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The Empire of Karthspire is a nation led by Arathárr Runiril Valathas on the continent of Europe. The Empire of Karthspire's government is a Stratocracy with very authoritarian social policies. Economically, The Empire of Karthspire favors right wing policies. The official currency of The Empire of Karthspire is the Gold Standard. At 985 days old, The Empire of Karthspire is an ancient nation. The Empire of Karthspire has a population of 818,494 and a land area of 36,000.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 22.74. Pollution in the nation is everywhere. The citizens' faith in the government is completely depleted with an approval rating of 0%.

First nuke taken: 08/07/19 at 12:05am Former head of THL's Central Bank

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1)02/19/2020 04:39 pm Purple Flower Garden BankKarthspirePhezzan$
2)02/19/2020 01:10 pm Purple Flower Garden BankKarthspireTsardom of Slavia$168,600,
3)02/05/2020 07:47 am Guardians of the Galaxy BankKarthspireBangalia$348,074.003.0010.0057.0050.0010.0052.00405.0011.004.00168.00649.00
4)02/04/2020 12:44 pm Black Knights BankKarthspire$52,969.00110.0013.0024.0027.0024.
5)02/01/2020 01:00 pm Black Knights BankKarthspireThe Berry Of Cranville$75,166.00636.0020.0026.0048.0021.005.008.0011.00123.0050.0020.00
6)02/01/2020 12:59 pm Black Knights BankKarthspireUrasaturn$15,627.00132.004.005.0010.
7)02/01/2020 12:59 pm Black Knights BankKarthspire$58,720.00497.0015.0020.0037.0016.
8)12/22/2019 03:30 pm Knights Templar BankKarthspireNovi Scotia$315,532.00567.004.007.0028.
9)12/18/2019 11:34 pm The Enterprise BankKarthspireArtzotzka$533,978.009,322.0020.0010.0018.
10)12/15/2019 10:31 am Knights Templar BankKarthspireVelrulion$109,124.0061.
11)12/03/2019 06:07 pm BankKarthspireDont Know$20,000,
12)11/27/2019 06:10 pm BankKarthspireDont Know$7,000,
13)11/26/2019 04:13 pm Guardian BankKarthspirecote canadienne$143,725.00735.000.000.0037.000.000.0015.00112.00114.0035.0081.00
14)11/19/2019 07:19 am Guardian BankKarthspireunited states o murica$30,663.00179.
15)11/19/2019 07:19 am Guardian BankKarthspireDacta$75,881.00444.

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