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The United Kingdoms of Asgardia is a nation led by High King Caspian XII on the continent of Europe. The United Kingdoms of Asgardia's government is a Constitutional Monarchy with very liberal social policies. Economically, The United Kingdoms of Asgardia favors far left wing policies. The official currency of The United Kingdoms of Asgardia is the Euro. At 479 days old, The United Kingdoms of Asgardia is an ancient nation. The United Kingdoms of Asgardia has a population of 5,211,834 and a land area of 37,500.00 sq. miles. This gives it a national average population density of 138.98. Pollution in the nation is noticeable. The citizens' faith in the government is at an all-time high with an approval rating of 100%.

Prime Minister: Lady Ines Moreau, Baroness du Bourne (ULP)
1. Raids will be answered with fire and fury.
2. Espionage committed against us are considered acts of war.
3. Unprovoked attacks on our allies are considered attacks on Asgardia and the Crown.
4. Asgardia claims the legal right to develop, own, and use weapons of mass destruction.

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National Factbook
Flag:National Flag
Nation Name:Asgardia
Leader Name:Caspian XII
Currency:Currency Image Euro
History:The first documented settlement of people in the area now called Asgardia was in the 1st Century BC during the reign of Augustus Caesar. A wealthy Roman Senator established a village near his villa several hundred miles north of Rome. He named this Alpine settlement Asgard from the name of the City of the Gods which he had heard about from his Scandinavian slave.
By 100 AD, Asgard had grown to become a very important town. By the time Rome fell in 476 AD, Asgard was one of the most important cities in Italy.

Prior to the Declaration of Independence, Asgardia which sits on the Franco–Italian border, had been the source of border disputes between Italy and France. Both nations have claimed and, for some time, occupied Asgard but the Asgardians saw themselves as citizens of neither nation.
In 1799, during Napoleon's European conquests, Asgard was captured by the French and a French Captain was appointed as Governor. However, two years later in 1801, the citizens of Asgard led by Lord Antonio Werstern revolted and drove out their French overlords.
In 1808, Lord Antonio Werstern, taking advantage of the French lack of interest in retaking Asgard and the Italians' absence, with the help of the British Forces led by General Charles Westing, declared Independence for Asgard and it's neighboring cities down to the coast of the Mediterranean thereby establishing the Sovereign state of Asgardia, an aristocracy divided into several duchies ruled by members of the elite families called the Great Houses.. Werstern then declared himself High Lord and Ruler of Asgardia, and established the Grand Conclave of Princes to help him rule.

In 1915 during WWI, the High Lord of Asgardia Prince Wilhelm Werstern was overthrown and executed by the Italians and Asgardia was occupied by the Italians. However, following the defeat of the Italian forces by a ragtag army of peasants led by the Duke of Asgard, Ronaj Watkins, at the battle of Queens Valley in 1920, the Italians were driven out and forced to sign a peace agreement to prevent mass execution of high ranking officers who were captured by the Asgardian forces.

In 1929 the Duke married Princess Maria Western the daughter of the late High Lord and the heir to the Asgardian throne. In 1934, their two-year old son was crowned His Royal Highness Raul Watkins, Prince of the Principality of Asgardia. This event ushered in a new era of prosperity.
In 2000, the grandson of Raul Watkins, Ronan Watkins ascended to the throne. He extended Asgardia by building more cities and beginning the modernization of Asgardia. Under his leadership, Asgardia became a world power. In 2012, Prince Ronan, a supporter of democracy, voluntarily dissolved the Grand Conclave of Princes, which until then was the major decision making body of the Principality, established Parliament and decreased his power and those of the dukes thereby establishing a Constitutional Monarchy.

In 2026, during the reign of Ronan Watkins, by order of Parliament, the title of the Monarch was changed from Prince to Grand Prince.
Twenty years later, in 2046, the Principality of Asgardia was merged with the neighboring Kingdom of Narnia, after the Grand Prince inherited the Narnian throne following the death of his maternal great-aunt the Queen. By Royal Proclamation and Act of Parliament, the two became the United Kingdoms of Asgardia, and the Grand Prince took the title of High King and the regnal name of Caspian XII after the ancient kings of Narnia.
*The Grand Dukes of Asgardia
1. House of Werstern
Antonio Werstern (1808-1831)
Friedrich Werstern (1831-1844)
Michel Werstern (1844-1876)
Marcus Lucius Werstern (1876-1900)
Wilhelm Werstern (1900-1915}
*The High Princes of Asgardia
2. House of Watkins
Raul Watkins (1934-1965)
Ronaj Watkins (1965-1987)
Roland Watkins (1987-2000)
*Grand Prince of Asgardia
*High King of Asgardia
Ronan Watkins/Caspian XII (2000- )

*Lord Marcus de Luis, Baron de Trium (Royal Conservative Party)
*Lord Thomas Everton, Count of Fynch (United Liberal Party)
*Dame Sheila Dench (RCP)
*Prince Alastair Silvertagne, Duke of Libēre (ULP)
*Lady Lynsay Ridling (RCP)
*Lord Alexander Hawke (RCP)
*Lord Alfred Iniz, Count of Tresport (Independent)
*Ms. Victoria de Lana (ULP)
*Sir Giorgio di Clarke (RCP)
*Lady Ines Moreau, Baroness du Bourne (ULP)
Land Area:60,350.25 sq. km
Terrain:Located on along the slopes of the Alps, Asgardia is a rough, mountainous country with world famous white sand beaches and deep interior lakes.
Highest Peak:Jade Mountain, 3,556 meters
Lowest Valley:Queen's Valley, -578 meters
Climate:The climate type is Mediterranean with dry, warm summers and mild, rainy winters.
People & Society
Population:5,211,834 people
Demonym Plural:Asgardians
Ethnic Groups:Asgar - 87.3%
Narnian - 6.7%
Telmarine - 6.0%
Languages:French - 90.0%
Italian - 78.0%
English - 4.7%
Religions:Asgardian Catholicism - 63.2%
Roman Catholicism - 22.3%
Protestantism - 14.4%
Life Expectancy:89 years
Alcohol Users:49.2%
Tobacco Users:0.9%
Cannabis Users:3.2%
Hard Drug Users:0%
Description:The strong Asgardian economy, worth 700 billion Asgar Golds a year, is fairly diversified and led by the Munition production and steel refinery industries, with major contributions from Mining, Tourism, Book Publishing, and Information Technology. State-owned companies are common. Average monthly income is a stunning 14100 Asgar Golds.

Asgardia has a capitalist economy with a free market system where the sale and purchase of goods and services are almost completely in the hands of the people. Prices of goods are regulated only by the availability of the goods and the money the consumers are willing to pay for the goods. The influence of the Government is limited to the regulation of the supply of imported and exported goods.
Average Yearly Income:$172.75
GDP per Capita:$972.50
Industries:Major industries include munition and steel manufaturing, mining, fishing, and tourism. Munitions, steel, and Iron are the major exports, and proceeds from them bring in over 55% of the Government's revenue.
History:His Highness's Armed Forces was established in 1920 following the defeat of the Italian Forces at the battle of Queen's Valley. Lord Ronaj Watkins (Duke of Asgard) who led the revolt against the Italians culminating into the overthrowal of the Italian Governor assumed command of a group of freedom fighters and trained them in preparation of an attack from the Italians— an attack that never came.
In 1934, two years after the coronation of Raul Watkins, son of Lord Ronaj, as Prince of Asgardia, Lord Ronaj Watkins, serving as Regent for his infant son, was appointed the first Lord Commander of the Armed Forces of Asgardia

In 1945, following the end of WWII, the Armed Forces of Asgardia was changed to His Highness's Armed Forces, and in 2046, following the merge with the Narnian Royal Armed Forces, it became His Majesty's Armed Forces, and it was later changed to The Asgardian Royal Military (ARM)
His Majesty's Defence Council (ARM)
1.Commander-in-Chief—— HM High King Caspian XII
2. Defense Minister —— Sir Andrew Carey
3.Lord Commander—— Sir Henry Wilde II
4. Chief of Staff— Col. Gen. Sir Arthur McCoy
5. Royal Field Marshal—— Lord John McKinsey
6. Grand Admiral of the Royal Navy —— Lady Rosita Stevens
7. Marshal of the Air Force —— Lord Edward Macron
8. Commander, Asgardian Intelligence Services —— C
Nuclear Weapons:4
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