Battle Simulator: Missile

Missile launches are advanced targeted artillery strikes that destroy a lot of infrastructure and an improvement. They cost 8 Military Action Points to execute. Power plant improvements are immune to missile strikes. Missiles will decrease your opponent's resistance by 18. Once your opponent's resistance reaches 0, they will surrender and forfeit a portion of their money and resources. If they are in an alliance, you will also loot their alliance's bank for even more money and resources.

Use this Battle Simulator to see the potential results of a missile attack on a target city. To find the ID of the city you want to simulate being hit with a missile, navigate to it and then grab the ID from the URL in your browser. The syntax is:{CITY ID}

Battle Information
Attacking Missiles:1
Target City ID:
Improvement Type:
War Type:

Simulation Stats
Simulations:Success Rate:NAN%
Infrastructure Destroyed:0Avg Infra Destroyed:NAN