Battle Simulator: Ground Battle

Ground Battles are the most basic forms of attacks. They cost 3 Military Action Points to execute. To fight more efficiently, Soldiers use Munitions. They will use 1 Munitions per 5,000 troops in battle. This increases the army value of each Soldier in battle from 1 to 1.75.

Tanks require Munitions and Gasoline to operate. They use both 1 Munitions and 1 Gasoline per 100 Tanks to fight. If you don't have enough resources to supply all of your Tanks in battle they will not add any value to your army, but will still be able to take damage.

Your level of victory in battle will determine how much money you can steal, as well as the amount of damage done. If you achieve an Immense Triumph ground battle victory, you have a 10% chance of destroying an enemy improvement. Ground Battles will decrease your opponent's resistance by up to 10. Once your opponent's resistance reaches 0, they will surrender and forfeit a portion of their money and resources. If they are in an alliance, you will also loot their alliance's bank for even more money and resources.

Use the Battle Simulator to test out various scenarios and their potential outcomes.

Battle Information
Attacking Soldiers:
Don't Use Munitions
Attacking Tanks:
Defending Soldiers:
Don't Use Munitions
Defending Tanks:
City Infrastructure:
Defender's Money:
Attacker War Policy:
Defender War Policy:
Attacker Has Ground Control:
Defender City Count:
War Type:

Simulation Stats
Attacking Soldiers Lost:0N/A
Defending Soldiers Killed:0N/A
Attacking Tanks Lost:0N/A
Defending Tanks Destroyed:0N/A
Defending Aircraft Destroyed:0N/A
Infrastructure Destroyed:0N/A
Money Stolen:$0.00$N/A