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     Paradise™ is a multi-national conglomerate founded on the basic premise that everyone should be given the chance to work hard and improve their position in life. To fulfill our role in that philosophy, we prioritize developing new products and expanding our already immense production lines, while keeping automation to a minimum. Why? Because there's no greater asset to Paradise™ than its valued employees. 

     While there will always be some wild speculation from the media and other competitors regarding our "true nature" but we seek to alleviate all those worries at the door. One only has to turn on the TV to see one of the many outreach programs we sponsor to help those truly in need. Whether its jobs in one of our many locations, proper education in our sponsored business schools, or endorsing small businesses to secure dedicated supply lines and ensure no store shelves are ever empty again. Here at Paradise, we "Work Harder Today, For A Paradise Tomorrow"



Chief Overseers (Leader) -  Sketchy & Anri

Administration Officers (2IC)  -  Baam & SlyWolf


Head Of Capital Procurement (EA)  -  Leftbehind & Gerry

Head of Assimilation and Training (IA)  - Uriah

Head of Security & Threat Reduction (MA)  -  Anri

Head Of Global Outreach & Pacification (FA)  -  Hodor


Overseas Shell-Corporations

Pika Party (#1 Exporter of protectorate treaties) 

AfterLyfe (Rated #1 on the "Top Nightclubs to die for" list 2022)


Leading Foreign Partners



Dark Brotherhood



Our Global Outreach Policies

  • We at Paradise™ understand that as magnanimous as we might be, some misguided companies/individuals might try to take advantage of our shareholders. Regardless of billable hours or dwindling profits, all subsidiaries (registered and in the process of) are under the protection of Paradise™ and will be protected by its Security and Threat Reduction department. 
  • While we at Paradise™ can understand that many of our competitors are in sheer awe of our development and progress, we must deem that any attempt of corporate espionage is strictly forbidden. Spies will be turned over for reeducation and proceed to work without benefits for the foreseeable future. Companies sponsoring said espionage attempt will also be at risk of reeducation via our Security and Threat Reduction department. 
  • If you or your company has found itself at odds with Paradise™ and its subsidiaries, you are more than welcome to A) Visit one of our many branch locations and submit a threat reversal form in person or B) Visit our business discord and speak directly to our Global Outreach Department. 


Further Business Inquiries?

     If you would like to submit a formal complaint about Paradise™ business practices via mail, please fill out Form-H47N and give about 7-10 business decades for a response. As a valued customer your opinion means the world to us and this time allows us to properly consider and acknowledge your written issues. 

    If you have submitted the required forms and still require assistance regarding Paradise™ practices or that of Paradise's subsidiaries please contact the Global Outreach & Pacification department which can be found here. 
     Thank you for your valued opinion, and remember "Work harder today, for a Paradise tomorrow" 


Become A Registered Affiliate Today!

Here at Paradise™ we pride ourselves at being open to all potential new members to our company regardless of prior experience and work history. We welcome everyone whether you need help going through our exclusive company sponsored academy, or if you simply need a quick refresher after coming from a lesser competitor, after a simple interview and background check, you can join the massive workaholic family that is Paradise™!


     How To Get Started With Us...

  1.     Paradise™ does require everyone wanting to register with us to join our company Discord in order to complete our onboarding interview and receive their employment bonuses. 
  2.    Once you join, simple click the "Start Application" button and answer the starter questions provided, while we match you with one of our highly trained specialists. Please be patient, we want to make sure to assign you the best employee to help with your future!
  3.      After you join, get ready for an exciting future with non-stop tasks, unpaid overtime, and obligatory office Christmas parties! Don't worry though, after joining you'll be an essential part of our unbeatable machine which will guide the masses towards the future, one Paradise™ product at a time!








Alliances have the ability to share their markets with other alliances, effectively creating multi-alliance markets only available to the members of the alliances involved.

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