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Empire of the Romans



Hail Caesar! We are a Roman-themed alliance here to provide a home for any who seek the guiding light of civilization and order. We have strong walls, strong allies, and strong leadership. Our community is the centerpiece of the alliance, comradery and brotherhood are the keys to holding together an Empire! Join us if you wish to become a Roman.



We offer grants, loans, and gifts to all members of all sizes to facilitate your growth and stimulate your economy. Our economic department is staffed by the finest economic minds in Orbis.



Our government runs like the alliance - a brotherhood, a team working together towards common goals. To that end, we have multiple democratic processes including a Senate to represent our members' interests.

High Government

Imperator Augustus: Justinian Magnus

Magistrates Of Foreign Affairs: Klaus Noxix & Autumn

Magistrate Of Cohortēs Praetōriae: Tiber Septim

Magistrate Of Internal Affairs: The Nomad

Magistrates Of Military Affairs: Germanicus Julius Caesar & Bonh

Magistrate Of Economic Affairs: Bucca Of The Marish


Our alliance is currently in a time of great growth, peaceful living, and limitless potential for ourselves and our friends. We are one of the fastest growing Roman alliances in the game and we also boast some of the best looking members in Orbis.



We require Discord in order to become a Citizen.

The beating heart of our Empire: our discord. Socialization, military orders, economic incentives, political roleplay, and much more occurs on our Discord server. You may find the link below.

To join please join our discord here:

If you have an FA inquiry or want an embassy join our FA server:

Basic Information
Alliance Name: Empire of the Romans (🏛)
Imperator Augustus:Justinian the Great
Magistrates:Autumn Annayah , Zedadiah Logan , Klaus Noxix , Tiberius Aurion , The Nomad , Magno , Bucca of the Marish
Founded:08/03/2021 (176 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Aurorian Purple
Alliance Rank:#34 of 479 (7.1%)
Avg Score:1,796.62
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:2 (2.67%)
Beige Nations:40 (54.79%)
Gray Nations:2 (2.74%)
Alliance Treasures:1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.00%
Total Cities:817
Total Infrastructure:1,232,362.13
Total Land:1,724,480.00
Total Population:153,779,834
Total GDP:$183,614,179,558
Total Soldiers:7,243,314
Total Tanks:400,927
Total Aircraft:20,599
Total Ships:3,487
Total Missiles:63
Total Nuclear Weapons:15
Wars Won:2,666
Wars Lost:748
The Eastern Roman Empire declares Imperium!

The Roman Empire reborn!

Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Protectorate The Knights RadiantN/A
Protectorate The Grand Imperial ArmyN/A