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The Dominion



For centuries the elite demanded worship and praise, and even placed themselves above the law. They found every reason to crush the hopes and dreams of the people, and quelled the population into submission. The elite had taken away our gods and made themselves to be our gods…our caretakers. But no longer….for the people who once waited in darkness have now created their own light. Tired of being the yolk for the elite to prosper from, the people rose up. We took back our lives and expelled the elite into banishment, thus forming a coalition of nations where peace reigned and economic prosperity was available to all. 

But when the former elite returned with an army and tried to reconquer what we had built, blood was spilled to preserve our new way of life. Our warriors fought to the death shouting “Victory is Life!” and when the fog of war had lifted, only The Dominion remained. The Dominion had endured, giving rise to our motto ”The Dominion Will Endure."



Dominion Government Leadership: 

Founders: Agathor

/ El_Barto666


Dominion Senate:
Minister of Internal Affairs: Faiz Zainuddin

Minister of War: Reg Penney

Minister of Finance: El_Barto666

Minister of Resources: King Coke

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dwight k Schrute



Low Tier Government Roles :

Magistrates of Internal Affairs (3):


Magistrate of War:

Dwight k Schrute

Vorta (FA Diplomats) (10):





PROTECTORATE: The Commonwealth

MDP - United Commerce Republic

ODP - The Axsis

ODP - Pacific Federal Union

NAP - Starfleet Command

NAP - Soldiers of Liberty

NAP - Standard Steel

NAP - Celtic Commonwealth





The Dominion is a free to join alliance with no prior experience needed to apply!
<If you do have experience in government roles please let us know.>

All nations interested in joining The Dominion may apply directly to the Alliance in-game and on our Discord Server! 



Any raids declared upon members of The Dominion will be met with Military Force.

What We Offer:

  • Current Dominion Standard Tax Rate is 1% for nations with cities 1-15
  • We offer nations a 10M sign on bonus after 1 week of membership
  • Banking and Loans
  • Growth Programs (Its optional, has higher tax but you get free cities)
  • Mentoring Programs/Nation Auditing
  • Opportunity to hold government positions
  • Protection from Raiders
  • Stable Trade Markets
  • We will fund both Urban Planning Projects
  • We will help fund your first 10 cities
  • Nation Building Guides
  • Awards for achieving alliance goals
  • Free Rebuilds after Global Wars
  • Freedom to voice suggestions and concerns to the alliance government


For FA Inquiries, Embassy Requests and Treaties Please Join our Discord here  and @Agathor.



Basic Information
Alliance Name: The Dominion (T.D.)
Founder:El_Barto666 , Agathor , Reg Penney
Vice Founder:Vacant
Minister:Dwight k Schrute , Faiz Zainuddin , King Coke , King Moldonado
Founded:01/25/2021 (241 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: White Peace Bloc
Alliance Rank:#66 of 402 (16.42%)
Avg Score:2,391.07
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:2 (7.69%)
Beige Nations:3 (12.5%)
Gray Nations:0 (0%)
Alliance Treasures:1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.00%
Total Cities:341
Total Infrastructure:669,296.83
Total Land:836,930.00
Total Population:84,667,476
Total GDP:$108,644,502,418
Total Soldiers:4,183,755
Total Tanks:211,322
Total Aircraft:17,376
Total Ships:2,609
Total Missiles:130
Total Nuclear Weapons:29
Wars Won:1,756
Wars Lost:626
No Applicants
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Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDP United Commerce RepublicN/A
NAP Starfleet CommandN/A
NAP Soldiers of LibertyN/A
NAP Standard SteelN/A
NAP Notorious OutlawsN/A
ODP the axsisN/A
ODP Pacific Federal UnionN/A
Protectorate The CommonwealthN/A