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Waffle House


You've been driving down the interstate all night, and suddenly, at 2 AM, it hits you. As soon as you get that first craving, you can't take your mind off it. You pull off the next exit, desperate to find it. And sure enough, that bright yellow sign is there to greet you. “OPEN 24 HOURS” it says. This is heaven on earth.

Welcome to Waffle House, traveler! We are a tight-knit and active community built around the knowledge that no matter what disaster is thrown at us, we will survive and come out stronger than ever. Our common love of waffles, eggs, T-bones, and hashbrowns unites us.
Founded on 22 August 2021 after the merge of Brotherhood Family & SMC 

The following are a select few of the benefits of joining:

  • Protection! A dedicated anti-raid initiative and state-of-the-art secure banking!
  • A comprehensive growth program, with city growth programs to city 16 and beyond!
  • A vibrant community filled with helpful P&W veterans!
  • Democracy, with members deciding the future of their alliance via government elections every 3 months!
  • FUN!

How to Join:

Joining is quick, simple and hassle free...

Step 1: Apply to us in-game!
Step 2: Join our Discord!
Step 3: Open a ticket in #host-desk

Once you join our discord and apply, our Internal Affairs department will conduct a brief interview to ensure that Waffle House is the right alliance for your P&W journey.

Waffle House Management:

Owners: Duncan Croford & Jacob Apple
Unit Managers: LLOJSA & Quackers
Head(s) of Customer Service: HymMing
Head Cashier(s): Changeup
Head of Disaster Recovery (MA): Kode
Rockstar Grill Operators(s): Kylez & Rulingbison

Allies of Waffle House:

The Space Waffle Pact (MDoAP): Aurora
ODP with Weebunism

We also directly protect Genesis, Arasaka Corporation, DEFCON-5, Int Aeronautical Space Alliance and Almighty Corporation.
It is our right to counter for any protectorate linked with our sphere , regardless of if we hold a direct treaty with them.

Raiders, take note:

  • We will counter attacks on applicants, members and allies regardless of their perceived activity unless attackers have the written consent from our Milcom / FA.
  • All allies and friends, regardless of in-game treaty level, are authorised to counter on behalf of us.
  • Espionage operations are considered an act of war and may be countered with military action.

Politics to consider...

Here at WH, we try to avoid the petty grudges found all across Orbis. No, we don't give a damn about score or trade monopolies. Here we value members as members and we judge fellow alliances by their ability to fulfil promises. Sphere tribalism means nothing to us - we focus on the betterment of Orbis as a whole. Indeed, our true allegiance is towards our love for baking the finest waffles for all to enjoy :D


Basic Information
Alliance Name: Waffle House (WH)
The Owner:Duncan Croford , Jacob Apple
Unit Manager:David III , Llojsa , QUACKERS
Manager:Amli bb , Changeup , Evie , Plieks , Astro Skovi , Emmanuelle I , Rulingbison , Kylez , Kode
Founded:01/24/2021 (239 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: The Immortals Yellow Bloc
Alliance Rank:#17 of 404 (4.21%)
Avg Score:2,287.43
Discord Server:Click Here
P&W Wiki Page:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:4 (4.88%)
Beige Nations:4 (5.13%)
Gray Nations:6 (7.69%)
Alliance Treasures:1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.00%
Total Cities:1,039
Total Infrastructure:1,872,532.69
Total Land:2,051,899.35
Total Population:237,011,426
Total GDP:$274,514,467,768
Total Soldiers:8,624,451
Total Tanks:495,557
Total Aircraft:66,165
Total Ships:5,152
Total Missiles:165
Total Nuclear Weapons:42
Wars Won:3,465
Wars Lost:1,141
Emperor Davit1,341.73
Saezel Tyranus1,312.68
Alexander Elan601.58
Michael the 58th611.76
King Paulo655.41
Danvolik Ramichez618.37
-... ..-. / . .-.. . -.-. - .. --- -. / .-. . ... ..- .-.. - ...

You hear a faint signal amongst the static....

Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDoAP AuroraLink
ODP WeebunismN/A
PIAT Almighty CorporationN/A
Protectorate GenesisN/A
Protectorate DEFCON-5N/A
Protectorate Arasaka CorporationN/A
Protectorate Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsN/A