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Brotherhood Family


Join us:

Hello there traveller... Welcome to our alliance page!

The following are a select few of the benefits of joining:

  • Protection!
  • Infinite wisdom from P&W veterans!
  • A comprehensive growth program!
  • A vibrant community (unlike most alliances)...
  • FUN!

How to join:

Joining is quick, simple and hassle free...

Community building!

We'd love to get to know other people in the community; so even if you don't wish to join us right now, feel free to pop into our discord to hang out and receive useful information!

Current Government:

President: Duncan
Prime Minister: Bunchesnbunches

Foreign Affairs: Plieks (HymMing), Duncan
Economic Affairs: HexdePixel
Milcom: Hector, Bunchesnbunches
Internal Affairs: Kylez


We are a member of Taskforce Johnson alongside The United Armies, Soldiers Of Liberty, Corporate Union, The Greater Unitary Republic and Stratosphere Marines Corps.

Our Current Protectorates:

Almighty Corporation, State of New England, Genesis, The House Of Serpentine and The Monarchy.

Raiding stuff:

  • We will counter for applicants (That have been active in the last 30 days), members and allies regardless of their perceived activity unless given specific permission by our milcom.
  • All allies, friends or people we give permission including; mercs, people with grudges and whoever else wants to attack you, are authorised to counter on behalf of us.
  • Espionage operations are considered an act of war!

Politics to consider...
Here at BF, we try to avoid the petty inter-alliance grudges found all across Orbis. No we don't give a damn about score control or trade monopolies. Here we value members as members and we judge fellow alliances by their ability to keep promises. Sphere tribalism means nothing to us - we have more important things to focus on.

Basic Information
Alliance Name: Brotherhood Family (BF)
President:Duncan Croford
Prime Minister:bunchesnbunches
Minister:Amli bb , HexdePixel , Plieks , Kylez
Founded:01/24/2021 (139 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: The Yellow Brotherhood Bloc
Alliance Rank:#39 of 416 (9.38%)
Avg Score:1,584.74
Discord Server:Click Here
P&W Wiki Page:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:2 (3.23%)
Beige Nations:6 (10%)
Gray Nations:8 (13.33%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:579
Total Infrastructure:922,131.05
Total Land:1,107,383.05
Total Population:114,161,021
Total GDP:$122,314,419,813
Total Soldiers:6,790,273
Total Tanks:175,523
Total Aircraft:28,588
Total Ships:2,900
Total Missiles:52
Total Nuclear Weapons:6
Wars Won:2,258
Wars Lost:578
Saezel Tyranus1,623.32
Alexander Elan702.18
Amir one808.20
Maria de la flora364.14
Joseph Stalin USSR471.06
Danvolik Ramichez798.01
Pratham Shrivastavaa363.36
William jr the 3rd243.35
Woodland Valero238.60
Miriam III Abonid135.95
Kade Smith123.68
Charles Months154.10
mike nijaka110.50
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDoAP The United ArmiesN/A
MDoAP Stratosphere Marine CorpsN/A
MDoAP Soldiers of LibertyN/A
MDoAP The Greater Unitary RepublicN/A
MDP United Commerce RepublicLink
NAP HedgeFundN/A
PIAT TheNorthWesternSouthRegionofthefarEastN/A
Protectorate The MonarchyN/A
Protectorate State of New EnglandLink
Protectorate GenesisN/A
Protectorate Almighty CorporationN/A
Protectorate The House Of SerpentineN/A
Protectorate TARGARYENLink
Protectorate 770Link