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The Company


The Company (INMOSIC), Lunar Division L. L. C. is a subsidiary of the Eclipse Conglomerate.


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The Company’s History

The Company’s beginnings date back to its de facto predecessors, British East India Company (EIC) and English Muscovite Company (Russian: Московская компания, romanized: Moskovskaya kompaniya) . Founded in 1600 and 1551, respectively, the Companies started out during the Global Trade boom of the 16th and 17th century and have gradually grown their ventures to a size that encompassed worldwide trade in India, Asia, Europe and North America. It is believed by historians that The Company held control over half of world trade at its peak during the colonial era, particularly in basic commodities including cotton, silk, indigo dye, salt, spices, saltpetre, tea, opium in Asia and India, and whale oil and furs in Muscovy and North America. [4]

However, after a long, rather fortuitous period, the situation turned dire for The Company’s ventures in India, caused partially by economic and social troubles provoked by the Rebellion, and its fate being sealed by the British Government illegally and unfairly seizing The Company’s valuable operation in the Indian subcontinent, and henceforth rendering its previously unquestionable authority and domination to one of largely vestigial, powerless, and obsolete character in this area of the world. [5]

What wealth has remained in the hands of various Company officials and wealthy families traditionally connected to Company’s overseas commerce have largely migrated their operations to Russia in the late 1860s, avoiding the faith of its rather unfortunate East Indian counterparts that have initially faced looming bankruptcy, and then eventual dissolution of their venture. Thus their luck has turned for the better, as they have joined and morphed their operation with the Muscovite Company, which held monopoly over trade between Russia and Britain for centuries. 



Unknowingly to them, their fortunes were about to increase exponentially. They have struck a rich vein, so to speak, as the whale industry boom of the 19th century has been occurring, and Muscovy Company was one of the most prominent whaling operations, hunting for whales, particularly prized for spermaceti and whale oil contained within the blubber of a whale [6], an essential and very valuable commodity during the Industrial Revolution. After a period of tranquility and increasing revenues for this particular venture, they have alas, entered a yet another period of decline, when in the 1917 the Soviets seized control of Tsarist Russia and expelled The Company’s officials, banned their return and seized The Company’s real estate within the country. However, most of The Company wealth was overseas, largely unharmed and now without a business, The Company turned towards retail and charity ever since.


The Company Today and Controversies

Formally known as The Honourable INMOS International Company (THINMOSIC), informally and colloquially dubbed simply as “The Company” (TC), is a formerly British [7], presently global joint-stock venture that currently engages in commerce related to its retail groups that The Company owns worldwide. However, over the past several years, The Company has largely been diversifying its portfolio, as well as opening several charity organizations. The Company also engages with dozens of NGO’s across the globe, helping struggling democracies and economies in transition to ascend to modern global industrial era.

It is estimated by experts that The Company is worth dozens of billions of dollars worldwide, if not hundreds.

While The Company operates with a perfectly good name, there have been conspiracy theories forming, particularly on the internet, mockingly calling the organisation “The Cabal”, a globalist camarilla that operates quietly from the shadows, influencing the world, largely politics and economy. These theories, ofcourse, have been completely debunked. While the Company officials have unequivocally and publicly denied allegations [8] of any correlation between the present day operations and The Company’s rather questionable, controversial past of the colonial era, the conspiracy theories have since persisted to form against The Company. In an attempt to purify the Company’s name, The Board of Directors have decided to start a charitable foundation within its operation, and have employed global and British icons, such as Sir Patrick Stewart, to promote The Company’s good name abroad.



Alas, The Company still faces several present day controversies. The Greitbart news have reported that The Company still engages in drug trafficking, but unlike its predecessor that traded largely in opium in India and China, The Company of today has been accused to be a part of a vast drug trafficking operation, that engages in smuggling [email protected]#$ and other opioids into the United States and Canada. They’ve cited witnesses and an ongoing investigation in Mexico and Colombia as their source. An unnamed official within the Company has fervently denied these accusations, calling them “a grotesque, targeted campaign of misinformation with the goal of harming the most honourable name of our Company” [9] [10]. The court case in Mexico has apparently been dropped, as no witnesses no longer wish to step forward. Several of them have allegedly been reported missing. The Greitbart’s story has since been debunked by the media, and proven to be fake news.


The controversies do not stop there. A largely controversial Youtube personality within the United States, a certain Alex Drones, has alleged that The Company is still “bigly” involved in the whaling industry, earning billions of dollars from it annually, and has considerable ventures and influence in Japan, the most shameless whale hunting country in the world, still unrelenting to international pressure to cease hunting whales, a species that currently faces extinction. The journalist has cited various German and Australian nationals [11] known to be connected to the Company’s operations. “It’s a preposterous accusation”, an unnamed source within the Company said. “We do not hunt whales. We have long since recognized impaired decision making of our past and have been working since to protect whales through our charitable organizations.” [12] The Company has allegedly sued Alex Drones for making false accusations. The court case is still pending, but the experts claim that The Company may bankrupt Alex Drones’ news organization once the defamation suit likely wins in court.