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Human Over


We are all human after all. 

As a mixed-race, mixed-culture, mixed-religion, multi-lingual world traveller, I have often been asked the question "Where do you come from?" 

Often, when I reply "Canada", the next question is "Ok but where do your parents come from?" 

When I reply "Canada", the next question is invariably "Yeah but where do you 'originally' come from?' 

To which my answer is "Earth, where do you come from?" 

I have lived on 3 continents, and done business in 40 countries in my life. I teach in 2 MBA programs, am self-made, run my own tech business, consult for large and small businesses, design my own products and market them. I have worked in war zones, and do charity work with autistic coders. I have seen joy in my travels, but what sticks with me most is the suffering wrought by those who would place some sub-segmentation of our species over what we all have in common. 

I have tried for years to reform prejudiced people, and have been successful in the real world, but have to admit defeat after years of trying to engage with racist trolls on Discord. In the spirit of diversity and inclusion, I invite anyone who identifies as human above any other denominator to join this alliance and keep those denominators out of our space. We can disagree on all kinds of things, but let's elevate the discussion to historical, scientific, philosophical, or political, for example - even those topics can get heated. Maybe we will find common ground in the common interest of cross-cultural and respectful dialogue. 

That said, if you want to include divisive racist, religious, or base nationalist rhetoric, I encourage you to supplement your Discord with some other alliance's server. You are still welcome here, but you can check your denominators at the door. Snowflakes looking for an excuse to get offended and take a stand will find this place boring. Older folks like me might find it to be a refreshing break from the rampant poor behaviour on Orbis. I am absolutely appalled by some of it, not only from players, but also from admins who have given me strikes for standing up to prejudice. 

This is a seed that I hope will endure and change the way people deal with each other, ever so slowly. This text will be updated once we have a few like-minded members who are interested in crafting a constitution out of this manifesto. And I hope it will have an impact by the time my kids play a game like this. 

No taxes of any kind. Ever. 

Also, it's just pixels.



Basic Information
Alliance Name: Human Over (HO)
Leader: Hallada Zdrashava
Founded: 09/01/2020 (940 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Coven Black
Members: 7
Alliance Rank: #222 of 749 (29.64%)
Score: 3,670.96
Avg Score: 524.42
Discord Server: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 0 (0%)
Beige Nations: 1 (14.29%)
Gray Nations: 5 (71.43%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 46
Total Infrastructure: 12,641.21
Total Land: 112,985.00
Total Population: 1,662,299
Total GDP: $4,605,533,205
Total Soldiers: 11,986
Total Tanks: 845
Total Aircraft: 40
Total Ships: 12
Total Missiles: 14
Total Nuclear Weapons: 0
Wars Won: 644
Wars Lost: 274
No Applicants
Alliance Score Over Time
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