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☪️•Nerevarine & Grand Councilor: Indrasi Indoril

⚔•Grandmaster of House Redoran (Milcom): Indrasi Indoril
🦋•Grandmaster of House Sadras (FA): The Red Wolf
🛕•Grandmaster of House Indoril (Oversight & JA): Almalexia Sadri
⛓•Grandmaster of House Dres (IA & Development): Sassa Freyjasdottir
🔮•Archmagister of House Telvanni (Econ): Gatun'lati Anigilohi
⚔•House Redoran Councilors: Goddess Serket
🦋•House Sadras Councilors: 
🛕•House Indoril Councilors: 
⛓•House Dres Councilors: 
🔮•House Telvanni Councilors:


This Alliance is a Semi-Autonomous Raider Vassal of The 7 Kingdoms of the Empire of the Moonlit Sakura, an attack on this alliance will be treated as an attack on all 7K- Alliances

Morrowind's Military is organized into the 7th Grand Armada in The Imperial Army & Aerospace Forces

~☆ Foreign Relations ☆~

M-Level Allies🛡 


 🛡O-Level Allies🗡 

🛸 Space Invaders👾  

PIAT Friends🖤 


For Diplomacy or Trade Inquires open an embassy or FA/Trade inquiry Ticket on 7K's  


ALL Diplomacy, including military affairs must be done through Discord, Gov reserves the right to ignore all attempts of contact through ingame Messages

All applicants must apply on our alliance #Discord 

•all members are REQUIRED to raid, daily activity expected•

For mercenary work open a ticket under #contact-Morag-Tong on our #Discord

No Default Taxes, Automatic Deposit Tracking, No Solo-Raiding Restrictions beyond our treaties, Warehouse Economy (borrow warchest material, food, MFG supply & uranium for personal usage against your deposits value without interest)

Basic Information
Alliance Name: Morrowind (7K-MW)
The Nerevarine:Indrasi Indoril
Grand Council:Clover , Almalexia Sadri
Founded:07/24/2020 (422 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: The Commonwealth of Maroon
Alliance Rank:#135 of 404 (33.42%)
Avg Score:1,194.73
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:1 (16.67%)
Beige Nations:0 (0%)
Gray Nations:0 (0%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:41
Total Infrastructure:46,930.71
Total Land:102,817.69
Total Population:6,103,356
Total GDP:$8,399,753,880
Total Soldiers:550,193
Total Tanks:15,425
Total Aircraft:701
Total Ships:140
Total Missiles:6
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
Wars Won:1,582
Wars Lost:122
Kedar Lokhande847.39
Ulysses Grant234.97
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
ODoAP Space InvadersN/A
Protectorate The Empire of the Moonlit SakuraN/A
Protectorate The Imperial Army & Aerospace ForcesN/A