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Prima Victoria




Prima Victoria is a Military and Economic Alliance. The alliance is built on the foundation of a community that spans several games. The community itself resulted from the merger of an offsite gaming community and the Golden Phoenix Coalition. 


Motto: “The Sun never sets on the British Empire.”


We reserve the right to counter for any member/applicant of Prima Victoria. This will result in all available slots filled and offenders being sat on.

The Executive Table

Prime Minister || MinesomeMC

King || SAXON


The Cabinet

Minister of Diplomacy || FA || Cazaron

Minister of War || Milcom || MinesomeMC

Minister of Trade || Econ || SAXON

Minister of Culture || IA || Salamander

Minister of Media || Propaganda || Falcon



The Syndicate || Protector 



For FA discussion feel free to DM MinesomeMC, SAXON, or Cazaron.