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Convent of Atom


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The Convent of Atom is the official training alliance for the Church of Atom

This is where you will prove yourself worthy for becoming one of Atom's many servants.
We will help you along the entire way to city 15. At that point you will be eligible for full membership into the Church!

As a member of the Convent, we will provide you with:

           User Images The best advice and a community that will help you every step of the way
           User Images Protection against harmful raiders
           User Images Get taught how to become a feared raider yourself
           User Images A nation building guide
           User Images Access to people with a wide array of interests from various parts of the globe

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We have a system that rewards you for playing the game
You can enter our daily raffle on our discord
We also have a grand monthly prize to the person that has raided the most people
To be eligible for rewards, you must be in our discord

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All followers of Atom, including APPLICANTS, inactive or not, ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE RAIDED PERIOD!

Any offensive action taken against us, such as war declaration, spy sabotage or intelligence gathering will be dealt with accordingly. We reserve the right to self defense.

Nations that are above 15 cities please apply to our main aliance here:
Church of Atom

Basic Information
Alliance Name: Convent of Atom (CoA)
Lead Hand:Unifyer
Royal Coach:Vacant
Knight of the Covent:MrHouse
Founded:05/17/2020 (126 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Eclipse Blue
Alliance Rank:#71 of 332 (21.39%)
Avg Score:1,472.94
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:0 (0%)
Beige Nations:1 (4.55%)
Gray Nations:2 (9.09%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:197
Total Infrastructure:344,320.69
Total Land:376,192.00
Total Population:36,478,835
Total GDP:$43,591,317,701
Total Soldiers:2,279,152
Total Tanks:48,749
Total Aircraft:7,721
Total Ships:1,045
Total Missiles:9
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
Wars Won:472
Wars Lost:99
Maria Sophia143.75
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
Protectorate Church Of AtomN/A