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In a world of chaos, Oceania brings order. Oceania is a meritocracy that strives on the active participation of its members.
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.
Victory for Oceania.

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1. Join our alliance in-game by becoming an "Applicant"
2. Join our Discord server, go to the #apply-to-oceania channel, and open a ticket. A Ministry of Love member will contact you shortly.

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Big Brother: Wulfharth
Head Minister: CitrusK
Minister of Peace (MA): Leonid
Minister of Plenty (EA): CitrusK
Minister of Love (IA): Soprano

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Vice-Minister of Peace (MA):
Vice-Minister of Plenty (EA): Jdizzle
Vice-Minister of Love (IA): Andru
Oceania reserves the right to protect all of its applicants and members, regardless of perceived activity. Attacks on our nations will be treated as a collective declaration upon our alliance.

Quotes from Fans
“Yeah this war was ridiculous, could barely make a dent in their armies, while they obliterated mine.” - Gabriel de Bruis
“Asians f**ks will not peace” - Uncle Iroh
“I swear to god these f**kers literally live on this game" - F0XL0RDH3NTA1
"You and your alliance can go f**k yourself you f*****s" - Sun Di

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