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Children of the Light


The Children of the Light are an independent military organization dedicated to bringing all people to the Light, and the destruction of all servants of the Shadow.

User ImagesLord Captain Commander Leftbehind

The Valkyrie of Light: Akuryo

User Images 
Lord Captain, Spymaster: Keegoz
Lord Captain, Provisions: Sketchy
Lord Captain, Discipline: Avakael
Lord Captain, Strategy: Hahiha
Lord Captain, Strategy: Anneal
Emissary of the Light: JD Keller

User Images 
Lieutenant, Recruitment: Changeup
Lieutenant, Provisions: Solar
Lieutenant, Strategy: Nick McScott
Lieutenant, Competition: Who
Lieutenant, Training: ColoringNick

User Images The Hedge Money (MDP Bloc)

MDP with Guardian
MDP with Grumpy Old [email protected]#$s
MDP with Knights Templar
MDP with Error 404


The Light protects and watches over SMERSH.
New Cruor Federation is an extension of Children of the Light.

Do you seek the light and want to join us? Take the following steps, 1. Apply to join our alliance, 2. Join our Discord Server (click the big button below), 3. Post your nation link in #applications 

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Want to raid one of the Blessed? Be warned. All raids on the Light are subject to reprisal. Aggressors outside of reasonable counter range will see a member of their alliance within range subject to counters in their stead.

Alliances have the ability to share their markets with other alliances, effectively creating multi-alliance markets only available to the members of the alliances involved.

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