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The Knights of The Stratosphere


Welcome to the Knights of the Stratosphere. TKTS was founded on September 9th 2020 after the jointing of the forces from The Knights of the Blood Oath and The Stratosphere. We are an alliance that is built upon Loyalty, Unity, Strength. An Adventure surely to be had. Our Oath is to fight the good fight and not kneel down to the corrupted. We are Knights that follow a code of merits and integrity. As Knights it is our duty to aid each other in times of need and hardships. We strive for the best for our members and allies and we do not bow to pressure. We are inevitable. We are The Knights of the Stratosphere.



Celestial Kings


Dave III

Cosmic Princes

Justin Trudeau

BP Petrol 13 (Drakdödare)

Commissioners of the Stars

Head of Military Affairs: FinnSum

Assistant of Military Affairs: Arln Nen

Head of Foreign Affairs: BP Petrol 13 (Drakdödare)

Assistant of Foreign Affairs: Warren

Head of Economic Affairs: Nelo

Assistant of Economic Affairs Affairs: Aldo

Head of Internal Affairs: Vlasktom

Assistant of Internal Affairs: Funny Yellow Dog



Treaties and Knights in Arms

Protected by The Ampersand (&)

MDoAP with United Socialist Nations (USN)

MDoAP with The United Armies (UA)

MDP with Soldiers of Liberty (SoL)

ODoAP with Amarr Empire (AE)

We Protect The Merchants Guild (TMG)

FA Contact and War Policy

For any Diplomacy related issues such as Treaties and Peace Negotiations, please join our server by clicking here. Once you are in the server go to #Foregin-Affairs-Office and type !embassy to create a embassy. Or you can dm BP Petrol 13 (Drakdödare#1162) 

TKTS does not tolerate any attacks/raiding of our members or applicants regardless of perceived activity. TKTS also does not tolerate any attacks on TMG. Any attacks on TKTS or TMG will be met with counters.


How to become a Astroknight

In order to apply, you must join our discord server. You can do so by clicking here

Once you are in the server head over to #become-a-knight and create a ticket. To create a ticket all you have to do is click the little envelope on the bottom. (If you need help feel free to contact a gov member)

After you create the ticket a gov member will be with you shortly. While you are waiting go ahead and apply to the alliance in game.

What we look for in future Astroknights

Don't be afraid to apply to TKTS if you feel you are lacking in experience, that’s the whole point of an alliance, to help you gain experience. The main thing we look for when accepting new members is activity(in game and in the server). As long as you are active we can do great things. May we grow Stronger Together!


Basic Information
Alliance Name: The Knights of The Stratosphere (TKTS)
Celestial Kings:Isole Kendra , David III
Cosmic Princes:Konungariket Sverige , justin trudeau , Nelo
Commander of Stars:FinnSum , Jason Jones Smith , Aldo , Tugger , Johnathan Angel , Arln Nen
Founded:04/04/2020 (200 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Pirate Black
Alliance Rank:#47 of 339 (13.86%)
Avg Score:1,676.99
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:3 (6.25%)
Beige Nations:0 (0%)
Gray Nations:3 (6.67%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:469
Total Infrastructure:816,681.34
Total Land:820,390.00
Total Population:90,376,384
Total GDP:$108,253,613,658
Total Soldiers:4,978,218
Total Tanks:177,184
Total Aircraft:24,285
Total Ships:2,535
Total Missiles:88
Total Nuclear Weapons:76
Wars Won:1,030
Wars Lost:485
Eric Windsor509.71
Dageraad aka Maia246.15
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDoAP The United ArmiesN/A
MDoAP United Socialist NationsN/A
MDP Soldiers of LibertyN/A
NAP 99942 ApophisN/A
ODoAP Amarr EmpireN/A
PIAT United UmmahN/A
Protectorate The AmpersandN/A
Protectorate The Merchants GuildN/A