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Considered a part of the alliance Ampersand.
An attack on us is considered an attack on Ampersand and will be treated as such

Alliances have the ability to share their markets with other alliances, effectively creating multi-alliance markets only available to the members of the alliances involved.

Alliance NameDateMembersColorAverage ScoreScoreStatus
The Ampersand03/03/202062blue2,501.66155,102.74Active
The Lost Empire05/07/202098aqua1,710.41167,620.51Active
The Fighting Pacifists05/13/2020138white2,082.45287,377.43Active
The Federation05/13/202040blue2,395.2495,809.77Active
The Void Touched06/17/202030white1,408.5642,256.77Active