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Dear visitor,
Welcome to Beacon Incorporated, the largest and most dynamic corporation in Orbis. Here at Beacon, we are motivated by the desire to brighten Orbis and make the world a better place around us. In a world full of hate and toxicity, we stand strong to turn the tide.

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We believe in providing Orbis with the most accurate and recent news. Join our news server, LUX, to become a better informed person.

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For those who wish to delve into banking and finance, Beacon offers some amazing options. Our flagship bank, The Royal Bank of Asgard, provides loans, bonds, and two different types of savings accounts. While our second bank, The International Micro Fund, offers as low as 1% interest loans and occasionally even grants to micro alliances and nations looking to establish their place in Orbis.

Do you already have plenty of money and are just looking for a fun place to spend it all? Or maybe would you like to risk it all in the hopes of striking it big and walking away a whale? Either way come join us out our casino, Casino Royale!

Maybe you were looking for someone else and somehow ended up on our page? Pop over to our discord directory, The Orbis Portal, and find them there! The portal houses a link to every alliance and business in orbis.

For any inquires or services not listed here please join us at our headquarters and one of our receptionists will happily assist you as soon as they can!

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