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~ L’union fait la force ~

Acadia was formed from the union of The Dutch East India Company and The North American Confederacy, two of the oldest and most experienced alliances in the game. We're dedicated to success and growth for all our membership. The conquest of the New World begins here!

Official acceptance into the alliance requires nations to join in-game and submit an application.
Members are expected to be maintain good activity levels and Discord use is highly encouraged! Our Discord channel can be found here:
Join today and be a part of Acadia!
All our members, active or inactive, are protected by the alliance. Raid at your own risk.

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The Allies of Acadia:
MDoAP Bloc - The Covenant (UPN)
MDoAP - Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Knights
MnDoAP - Zodiac, Polaris
MDP - Cornerstone
MnDP - Dragonstone
NAP - The Communist International
Protectorate - Knights of Scotland

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The Colonial Assembly of Acadia:
Lord Proprietor: TheNG
Patroon: George Clooney

Resident Ministers:
Cape Merchant (Finance): Acey
Intendant (Internal Affairs): Qwerty The Almighty
Captain (Military): Dorsaiwolf
Chief Agent (Foreign Affairs): RightHonorable

Senior Colonists:
Archivist (Internal Affairs): J D Keller
Boarding Officer (Military): Magnanimus
Intelligencer (Foreign Affairs): ColoringNick

Basic Information
Alliance Name:Acadia (Acadia)
Directors:TheNG , George Clooney
Resident Ministers:Dorsaiwolf , Acey , RightHonorable , Qwerty the Almighty
Senior Colonists:ColoringNick , Magnanimus , J D Keller
Founded:08/07/2014 (1,260 Days Old)
Continent:North America
Color: Aqua
Alliance Rank:#15 of 175 (8.57%)
Avg Score:2,012.51
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:2 (4.08%)
Beige Nations:2 (4.26%)
Gray Nations:6 (12.77%)
Alliance Treasures:1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.00%
Total Cities:580
Total Infrastructure:1,067,547.86
Total Land:1,319,685.00
Total Population:122,206,992
Total GDP:$394,920,517,847
Total Soldiers:4,529,814
Total Tanks:236,966
Total Aircraft:39,999
Total Ships:2,691
Total Missiles:155
Total Nuclear Weapons:74
Alliance HQ
MDoAP United Purple NationsN/A
MDoAP Guardians of the GalaxyLink
MDoAP Black KnightsLink
MDoAP PolarisLink
MDP CornerstoneLink
MDoAP ZodiacLink
NAP The Communist InternationalN/A
ODoAP LordranLink
ODP The Game Is The GameN/A
Protectorate Knights of ScotlandN/A