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The MinuteMen


Liberty is being free from oppressive restriction or control.

The “MinuteMen” were members of the military trained in weaponry, tactics and military strategies. They were known for being ready at a minute’s notice. Minutemen provided a highly mobile, rapidly deployed force. 

We at The MinuteMen alliance believe in Liberty. We believe in a state of being free from oppressive restrictions. We believe in the freedom to act as one pleases as long as such actions isn’t posing a threat to another’s Liberty. Like our name implies, we are ready to fight against oppression and oppressors at a minute’s notice. 

We take our members’ growth and protection a high priority. Our mission is to secure our home and independence, our economic freedom and safety, we shall bring peace to the world by preparing for war.


High Command

Commander in Chief Hemlock
Executive Officer Sainthunta

High Commissioner of Foreign Affairs Mystic
Financial Minister of Economic Affairs Creature
Grand Admiral of Military Affairs WebsterAve
Grand Provost of Internal Affairs Ianoo

Low Command

  Second of Military Affairs  N/A
Second of Internal Affairs N/A
Second of Foreign Affairs  Supreme Bunga
Second of Economy N/A
Senate Leader Sainthunta

IA Cadet Sigurd
Econ Cadet Dawn
MA Cadet Juan
Head Mentor Mr. Butter


Protected by Serene Wei

Protectors of ALMC and Pika Party

Amatnieku apvieniba is an extensions of The MinuteMen, any attack on them is a attack on MM. 


We believe in freedom & independence, and defending both. We do not allow raiding of our members and protect them no matter their activity. 

Any diplomatic inquiries should be directed to Sainthunta or Hemlock

Join our FA server here

The MinuteMen is open for anyone who shares the values of liberty and freedom, regardless of experience! Come join us on discord! 


Inactivity and unresponsiveness results in being moved to applicant!
For any help concerning applications contact our Grand Provost.

Discord use is now mandatory.

"Give me liberty, or give me death!" - Patrick Henry

Basic Information
Alliance Name: The MinuteMen (MM)
Commander in Chief: Hemlock
High Command: Mystic Piano , Uhtred of Bebbanburg , Kelvin Jones , Iano
Financial Assistant: dawn
Low Command: Supreme Bunga , Juan Ponce de Leon , Sigurd The Guardian , Sir nutter henry
Founded: 09/24/2019 (1,274 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Bourbon Blue
Members: 49
Alliance Rank: #30 of 753 (3.98%)
Score: 139,160.23
Avg Score: 2,840.00
Discord Server: Click Here
P&W Wiki Page: Click Here
Accepting Members: Yes!
Vacation Mode Members: 3 (5.77%)
Beige Nations: 0 (0%)
Gray Nations: 1 (2.04%)
Alliance Treasures: 0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help 0.00%
Total Cities: 826
Total Infrastructure: 1,626,371.41
Total Land: 2,065,065.00
Total Population: 215,663,462
Total GDP: $234,664,580,052
Total Soldiers: 6,056,148
Total Tanks: 585,426
Total Aircraft: 53,934
Total Ships: 4,909
Total Missiles: 377
Total Nuclear Weapons: 54
Wars Won: 4,133
Wars Lost: 845
Chairman Meow2,228.55
Andre Falke1,792.33
Louis Armstrong1,639.11
Edward Sallow799.95
Josh Vi Cerberuz669.85
Muhammad Al-Jayid101.95
Long Dick357.28
Ashley Frushay313.74
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDP Amatnieku apvienibaN/A
NAP CamelotN/A
PIAT The Coal MinesN/A
Protectorate Pika PartyN/A
Protectorate Almighty CorporationN/A
Protectorate Cayman IslandsN/A
Protectorate Serene WeiLink