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Kingsglaive is an elite combat unit & economic partnership. Strength, Liberty, Unity, Growth & Honor are the five pillars this Libertarian Monarchy is based upon.

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Article I: Membership
I.a Application
All applicants to Kingsglaive must fulfill the following requirements:
- Not be in a war in which he/she was the aggressor at the time of application.
- Not be on any alliance ZI lists.(Unless Approved Anyway)
- Read the pinned topic for applicants in the Welcome Center and follow the directions
I.b Structure
- Apprentice; All new members start here, and remain here until such time as sponsored for advancement by no fewer than 5 higher ranking members. Here members will receive basic training on how to play the game, and the rules and regulations of the Kingsglaive.
- Journeyman; Journeymen may hold low offices, and are taught advanced tactics and strategies. A term as foreign diplomat to another alliance is required to advance. Must be sponsored by no fewer than 5 Masters to advance.
- Master; Masters may hold high offices, and hold the sole voting power of the Kingsglaive.

Article II: Government
Section 1: The Kingsglaive is run by a monarchy form of government. A King/Queen is voted in by the Masters, and they hold that position until such time as they retire or are voted out by the Masters.
Section 2: Once the ruler is installed, they may create and fill offices at will. All power except veto is theirs to command, or to delegate. Once the ruler fills an office, it is that persons to hold until they retire, are replaced by the ruler, or are voted out by the Masters.
Section 3: All decisions made by the ruling party will be brought before the Masters, whereupon they will vote yea or nay. If the decision passes, and at any time they want to veto the rulers decision, a 2/3 majority must be reached.
Section 4: In the absence of a ruler, the Masters may fulfill the duties of the ruler by 2/3 majority vote.
Article III: Rights and Powers of the People
- The Masters have the power to remove any Government official by a vote, either during or after appointment. Any Master may start a poll in the Voting Booth to remove the official.
- The People have the right to speak freely without threat of punishment by the Kingsglaive unless they are posing a threat to the alliance or her allies, being slanderous, or are violating a TOS agreement.

Article IV: Voting
There are two votes the the Masters will be able to hold;
- 24 hour yea/nay vote; This vote counts the total number of votes cast as the total, with a simple 50%+ majority being the decision. These votes will last exactly 24 hours from the time they are posted. This vote will only be held within 24 hours of a decision by the ruler, to decide the validity of the decision.
- 72 hour 2/3 majority vote; This vote counts the total number of Masters as the total, and assumes that everyone starts with a negative vote. 2/3 of the Masters must vote positive for the vote to pass. These votes will last exactly 72 hours from the time they are posted. This vote will be used in all other cases not already stated.

Article V: War
Section 1: No aggressive actions are allowed without prior government authorization. Aggressive actions by any Kingsglaive member without prior authorization from government officials will be dealt with by a hearing before the ruler or their appointed representative, and possible punishment up to banishment or ZI.
Section 2: At any time, the ruler may declare war. 24 hour notice must be given to the Masters to conduct a vote of yea or nay. The result of the vote will decide the validity of the war declaration.
Section 3: Nuclear proliferation is allowed and highly encouraged. In times of war, when aggression or defense has been authorized, the Kingsglaive shall have a Nuclear first strike policy.
Raider Exception: If a nation is unaligned, they can be raided without prior approval at raiders own risk.

Article VI: Amendments
Any member of the Kingsglaive in good standing may at any time offer up an amendment to this charter, whereupon a vote of the Masters will be held. The amendment must reach 2/3 approval before being ratified.

Article VII: Rejoining The Alliance
- Any member who leaves the Kingsglaive in good standing, by their own decision, may rejoin once without penalty. If that member leaves a second time and asks to rejoin, he or she can only do so with a majority vote of the Masters. The Masters may require stipulations.
- Any member who leaves the alliance instead of facing a trial for violations of the Charter or who decides to try and harm the alliance in any way on their way out or after leaving (including but not limited to coaxing members to leave, spreading rumors with intent to make members leave, taking money, or instigating hostilities with another alliance) will not be allowed to rejoin at any time in the future, and may be placed on a ZI list.

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Libertarian/Anarchist Nexus is a decentralized network of mostly paperless allies, opposed to tyranny. All members may defend or assist each other at will.

Royal Bloodlines Pact with The Originals
MDoAP with Deathly Hallows
MDP with The Republican Of India
MDP with Uchiha
ODoAP with Unforgiven Legion

Basic Information
Alliance Name: Kingsglaive (👑)
Founded:09/10/2019 (162 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Pirate Black
Alliance Rank:#114 of 336 (33.93%)
Avg Score:644.01
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:5 (45.45%)
Beige Nations:1 (16.67%)
Gray Nations:9 (150%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:63
Total Infrastructure:36,688.22
Total Land:69,477.00
Total Population:4,196,524
Total GDP:$4,037,454,174
Total Soldiers:154,624
Total Tanks:5,453
Total Aircraft:1,350
Total Ships:65
Total Missiles:4
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
Nathan The Dummie101.50
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDoAP Deathly HallowsLink