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King - Noctis Anarch Caelum

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Only 7/7 Taxes.
Free City Grants to City 9.
Half Paid City Grants up to 15.
CIA, Propaganda Project & Nuclear Project Paid For.

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Join now to get on the wait list. Nuclear Grant wait list: Nicholai, Jack Daniels.

*Only first 7 to join can bypass Master Rank initial requirements for Nuke Grant.

Allies with Farkistan, Deathly Hallows, NooSphere, Libertarian Shadow Alliance, as well as unofficial / paperless relations / friendships with many others.
Treaties make the nature of a relation public; however Kingsglaive allies span across most spheres.

Basic Information
Alliance Name: Kingsglaive (KINGS)
King:Noctis Anarch Caelum
Captain:Jack Daniels
Founded:09/10/2019 (8 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: The Federation's Blue
Alliance Rank:#93 of 331 (28.1%)
Avg Score:3,459.88
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:0 (0%)
Beige Nations:0 (0%)
Gray Nations:0 (0%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:40
Total Infrastructure:108,685.19
Total Land:130,000.00
Total Population:13,652,058
Total GDP:$20,176,557,656
Total Soldiers:432,928
Total Tanks:29,281
Total Aircraft:3,294
Total Ships:445
Total Missiles:0
Total Nuclear Weapons:85
No Applicants
Alliance Score Over Time
ODoAP Deathly HallowsLink
Protectorate FarkistanN/A
Protectorate The Lost EmpireN/A
Protectorate AkatsukiN/A