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Heavens Gate


As was promised - the keys to Heaven's Gate are here again in Ti and Do (The UFO Two) as they were in Jesus and His Father 2000 yrs. ago.

Whether Hale-Bopp has a "companion" or not is irrelevant from our perspective. However, its arrival is joyously very significant to us at "Heaven's Gate." The joy is that our Older Member in the Evolutionary Level Above Human (the "Kingdom of Heaven") has made it clear to us that Hale-Bopp's approach is the "marker" we've been waiting for -- the time for the arrival of the spacecraft from the Level Above Human to take us home to "Their World" -- in the literal Heavens. Our 22 years of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion -- "graduation" from the Human Evolutionary Level. We are happily prepared to leave "this world" and go with Ti's crew.

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Space Queen: hope

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Priest of Internal Affairs: Qwerty
Priest of Economics: Basil
Priest of Military Command: Hughes

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Teacher of Internal Affairs: Count Inra
Teacher of Economics: Yeet Skeet
Teacher of Foreign Affairs: Findabair

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Protectorate with GOONS
MDP with Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics
ODOAP with Order of the White Rose
NAP with Morningstar

Any Foreign Affairs issues should be directed to hope#0678 on discord.

Want to ascend with us? Join our Discord and apply ingame to begin the application process!

We protect our applicants and our members, regardless of perceived activity.

Basic Information
Alliance Name: Heavens Gate (HG)
Space Queen:hope
Priest:Basil , Qwerty the Almighty
Teacher:Hughes , Yeet Skeet , Francesca Findabair , Inra
Founded:08/29/2019 (150 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Purple Bloc Recycling Team
Alliance Rank:#33 of 337 (9.79%)
Avg Score:1,615.64
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:0 (0%)
Beige Nations:0 (0%)
Gray Nations:0 (0%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:309
Total Infrastructure:529,338.54
Total Land:614,235.00
Total Population:64,688,560
Total GDP:$85,189,606,163
Total Soldiers:3,353,564
Total Tanks:30,045
Total Aircraft:24,097
Total Ships:2,367
Total Missiles:39
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDP Advanced Syndicalist MechanicsN/A
NAP MorningstarN/A
ODoAP Order of the White RoseN/A
Protectorate GOONSN/A