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The Coal Mines


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This is The Coal Mines where after a long day of hard work we have a nice cold beer and a pop-tart.

"I own all the coal little do you know"
Nokia Rokia, April 2019

"I the Coal Lord say I would rather have Tortilla Española"
Chico, June 2019

Evernt, 2019 screaming with Tym
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High Gov

Coal King (On vacation)- Nokia Rokia

Coal Prince and Coal Lord of Foreign and Economic Affairs - Ozh'Alia Evernt

Coal Lord of Internal and Spanish Affairs - Chico got Yeeted

Coal Lord of Economic Affairs - Karol The Wise

Low Gov

Coal Count Of Millitary Affairs - Malthus

Coal Count of Internal Affairs - Marshmelllowey

Coal Count of Community and Foreign Affairs - Wolf Fang

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Protected by Electric Space

Confederation Allies
MDoAP - Amestris
MDoAP - The Socialist League
MDoAP - Weebunism
MDoAP - Hydra
MDoAP - Elite Democratic Republic
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Other Allies
ODoAP - The Originals
ODP - Si Hong

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All applicants are protected as alliance members till they either leave or get accepted in the alliance

Basic Information
Alliance Name: The Coal Mines (Coal)
The Coal King/Prince:Jason Escolano , Evernt
Coal Lord:josef the great
Coal Count:Malthus I , Marshmellowey , Lochlanus J Maria , Rhagar , Hettoryshi
Founded:06/01/2019 (52 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Better Dead Than Red
Alliance Rank:#54 of 306 (17.65%)
Avg Score:1,060.24
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:2 (6.45%)
Beige Nations:4 (13.79%)
Gray Nations:3 (10.34%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:235
Total Infrastructure:346,630.45
Total Land:364,488.00
Total Population:41,737,214
Total GDP:$42,164,433,339
Total Soldiers:2,236,828
Total Tanks:90,566
Total Aircraft:12,671
Total Ships:1,635
Total Missiles:81
Total Nuclear Weapons:15
James Emo542.98
William Dommersig137.47
Bappo the Red154.27
Austin Cozzone81.25
Kano berono153.00
Joona Piri136.83
Dom Bader68.96
Leon de Marciplous5.75
Alliance Score Over Time
Member Score Distribution
MDoAP WeebunismLink
MDoAP The Socialist LeagueLink
MDoAP AmestrisLink
MDoAP HydraLink
MDoAP Elite Democratic RepublicN/A
ODoAP The OriginalsN/A
ODP Si HongN/A
Protectorate Electric SpaceN/A