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Schrute Farms


User ImagesUser ImagesRULES: No Raiding of any alliance or active applicants in the top 70. Alliances with protectorates will counter you, so If you are the aggressor in a war it's on you. members new/old are encouraged to raid grey inactive nations. Anyone found taking bribes to spy on other alliances will face removal and be punished by the belsnickel! SCHRUTE FARMS WAS VOTED BEST ALLIANCE THEME OF 2019. Peak Alliance Rank: #8 (10/8/20) Rule 1337: Schrute Farms will attack anyone who it feels has shown disrespect to Schrute Farms. Schrute farms does not do bailouts, it relies on personal responsibility. Fail To Prepare.... Prepare To Fail...... Remember there is no book on schrute farms niceness there is only a survival guide! User ImagesHigh Government Schrute Lord/Astronaut(3rd Man on the moon)👨‍🚀👓👔🌱: Dwight k Schrute Mose Schrute👨‍🌾: Ezekiell Michael Scott🎩Worlds Best Boss: Nuketown Low Government Regional Manager👨‍🌾: Tchala Assistant to the Regional Manager👨‍🌾:Pandon Big Tuna🐟:Fantazmabutt 100 Nuke Queen☢️👸👑:Haley's kingdom 🚜Agricultural Division🚜 Beet Washer🌊: Borix Beet Inspector🕵️‍♂️: Brandon 🌾Farm Hands🌱 Structural Advisor👷‍♂️: Lightside Human Resources🚻: Apple Empire User Images [/[cMDoAP[/color] User Images World Task Force ODoAP User Images Advanced Syndicalist Mechanics[/b] Activities Plowing Fields Making Tables Beet Wine Classes Mattress Making Tour of the fields Tour of the barn Tour of the slaughterhouse Mose's table making demonstration Dawn Goose Walks Beehive maintenance and honey harvesting Beet Planting Mose's Trampoline Tricks (Cannonball, Lemon Bomb, Go Yankees, I'm A War Hero, More Spins, Helicopter) Pig Milking(6 Week Course) [/center]

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We at Schrute Farms do not discriminate against anyone for Gender/Race/Belief, anyone caught discriminating will be dealt with accordingly.

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Basic Information
Alliance Name: Schrute Farms (SF)
Dwight K Schrute:Dwight k Schrute
Mose Schrute:Ezekiell
Extended Family:Hayley , Lightside , Jacob Apple , Sheev Rognir , Tchala , Fantazmabutt , Zam Gruvez
Founded:05/08/2019 (511 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Eclipse Blue
Alliance Rank:#9 of 336 (2.68%)
Avg Score:4,084.52
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:2 (3.33%)
Beige Nations:3 (5.17%)
Gray Nations:3 (5.17%)
Alliance Treasures:1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.00%
Total Cities:1,085
Total Infrastructure:2,644,753.80
Total Land:3,267,727.78
Total Population:350,147,957
Total GDP:$456,199,737,586
Total Soldiers:12,593,098
Total Tanks:838,409
Total Aircraft:76,124
Total Ships:10,561
Total Missiles:313
Total Nuclear Weapons:239
Wars Won:2,248
Wars Lost:895
New Haven2,185.13
David Brent1,151.58
Dwight Schrute147.44
Alliance Score Over Time
Member City Distribution
MDoAP World Task ForceN/A
ODoAP Advanced Syndicalist MechanicsN/A
Protectorate Dunder1N/A