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Soup Kitchen


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Soup is a place of community and creativity. We have gathered together some truly amazing, like-minded people. Our members run banks, make art, produce music, operate news sources. They are funny, smart, and fun to be around. Some are quiet, some are outgoing, and every one of them brings something unique and exciting to our community. Join us and be a part of something great!

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All volunteers are protected by the Ladle and Spoon. Raid not, lest ye find the Soup too hot.

To apply, join our discord and ask for government. If you're scared to fight, this isn't the place for you.

For FA inquiries, message Kevanovia#4531 or Kiloist#2165

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Alliances have the ability to share their markets with other alliances, effectively creating multi-alliance markets only available to the members of the alliances involved.

Alliance NameDateMembersColorAverage ScoreScoreStatus
The Knights Radiant04/07/2019106orange1,356.40143,778.09Active
Church of Spaceology04/07/201923purple2,698.5462,066.32Active
Seven Kingdoms04/07/201935orange1,868.4365,394.99Active