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The Roman Empire


The Roman Empire is a young alliance looking to expand and grow, and though we've been abandoned by our creator we wish to continue and better the alliance as a whole. We're looking for anyone who is determined and ready to help this alliance with it's goals.For more information contact Big-Boi and i'll be happy to tell you more.
As this alliance goes through renovations I will be posting any important updates and if you wish to contribute please JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER (I have made a new one as the old one was outdated and unusable)
Emperor: Big-Boi

The Praetorian Council

High Praetors
Lord Praetor: Empty
Praetor of Coin: Empty
Praetor of War:Empty

Low Praetors
Praetor of Civil Affairs:Empty
Praetor of Foreign Affairs:Empty
Praetor of Recruitment:Empty

Please refer to the imperial decree announcement to see what these positions means
and join the discord server, it helps.

Basic Information
Alliance Name: The Roman Empire (S.P.Q.R)
High Praetor:Vacant
Low Praetor:Vacant
Founded:02/10/2019 (348 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Maroon Spoon of Doom
Alliance Rank:#267 of 336 (79.46%)
Avg Score:0.00
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:3 (100%)
Beige Nations:0 (0%)
Gray Nations:3 (300%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:8
Total Infrastructure:5,152.17
Total Land:5,680.00
Total Population:611,340
Total GDP:$342,177,829
Total Soldiers:500
Total Tanks:0
Total Aircraft:12
Total Ships:0
Total Missiles:0
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
Alliance Score Over Time

No Treaties to Show