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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO
Laws Taxes for money and resources are at 10% but if your color is Black you get a 13% income boost so you make a net profit by paying tax. Loans- 500k to 2M based on credit at a 10% interest rate and max 2 loans per week
We have three branches you may join they are the federal militia the special ops and the federal exchange The federal militia and special ops get payed on commission when doing work on behalf of the alliance. The federal exchange gets a percentage of trade deals they do as well. ALL MEMBERS NOW MAY RECEIVE ECONOMIC GRANTS FOR CITIES UP UNTIL THEY HAVE 5 CITES JUST ASK THE LEADER AND HE WILL PUT YOU ON THE LIST!!!

Top positions
Federal executive officer-The Polish Reich
Chief executive officer Empire of new bikini bottom
Speaking officer Orptian

The federal militia
Head of the federal militia Dictatorial Germany
Member Lucas john un
Member Nat King Cole
Member The Great Armenia Empire

Special ops
Director of special ops Turtur
Agent Vacant
Agent Vacant
Agent Vacant
The federal exchange.
Head of the federal exchange French State. Members: vacant
The Federal Resistance Members: The Great Armenia Empire, Abhiasm, Dictatorial Germany.

Basic Information
Alliance Name:NATO (NATO)
Head officer:Heinrich Kaiser
Officer II:Ahamed , Eugene Krabs
Officer:Abhijitasm , Xerox Patel , Blubarian , Saptarshi Sarkar
Founded:09/01/2018 (136 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: The Black Death
Alliance Rank:#61 of 240 (25.42%)
Avg Score:373.08
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:6 (8.96%)
Beige Nations:14 (22.95%)
Gray Nations:32 (52.46%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:294
Total Infrastructure:284,987.19
Total Land:299,407.00
Total Population:24,796,372
Total GDP:$26,609,052,130
Total Soldiers:1,631,452
Total Tanks:19,632
Total Aircraft:3,506
Total Ships:463
Total Missiles:15
Total Nuclear Weapons:1
No Applicants
MDP The Scottish EmpireN/A
NAP Wings of DefianceN/A
NAP RagnarokN/A
NAP Animation DominationN/A