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Sunray 1-1


Sunray 1-1 began as an a small team of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.

This specialized team was at the forefront of defending key positions during the fight to save the Outer Colony of Harvest from the Covenant.

They then went on to help in the Battle for Acadia, the Fight for Installation 00, and were instrumental in Operation Spearbreaker and Grey Veil.

Now, aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire, the brave men and women of Sunray 1-1 and Boomerang Company continue their efforts to defend the rebuilding Human Civilization from any threats.

Alongside FreeLancer agents, and Spartan Counterparts, Sunray 1-1 stands ready to meet any threat.

In our ever changing efforts, we are looking for dedicated individuals to join our ranks and help lead Sunray to greatness.

Pounding rain, and howling winds. the forces of nature have long had no equal
until now, until the Soldiers of Sunray pierced through blackened sky

Pushing forward through the storm, We will defend our allies
We welcome death, as it is an old friend.
We laugh at the gods that wish our demise, as we control our own fate

Into the Fury of hell, we drop. Ready and Willing to fight
We will continue to push forward.
As the storm rages, We stand.
As the enemy approaches, We stand.

As Hellfire rains down, and the lightning strikes.
Against all odds,
We Stand

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Admiral: Fenrir

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Captain of MilCom:

Captain of Foreign Affairs:
Bill Rice

Chairman of Econ:

Captain of Internal Affairs:
Lehbar Torus

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Captain of Propaganda:

Part of Avalon. Any attack on us is an attack on them, and vice versa

Protected by Pantheon

Treaties Ring:
Wings of Defiance
The Jedi Order

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*Discord is required

Basic Information
Alliance Name:Sunray 1-1 (SR-1-1)
Fleet Admiral:Fenrir
Rear Admiral:Bill Rice
Captain:Deulos , Lehbar Torus , Simmons , warkeeper
Founded:08/26/2018 (28 Days Old)
Continent:North America
Color Trade Bloc: Maroon 5
Alliance Rank:#64 of 190 (33.68%)
Avg Score:608.99
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:2 (6.25%)
Beige Nations:7 (23.33%)
Gray Nations:5 (16.67%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:190
Total Infrastructure:207,907.15
Total Land:205,548.00
Total Population:18,200,175
Total GDP:$21,939,870,933
Total Soldiers:1,221,818
Total Tanks:34,390
Total Aircraft:6,460
Total Ships:408
Total Missiles:6
Total Nuclear Weapons:1
No Applicants
Alliance HQ
MDoAP CamelotN/A
MDoAP TyphonN/A
MDP Wings of DefianceN/A
NAP The Jedi OrderN/A
ODoAP Grand Imperial AllianceN/A
ODoAP The Dixie UnionN/A
Protectorate PantheonN/A