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La Mafia


"You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone"

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We are murderers and extortionists, we are the Godfather’s children; Fear the upbringing of La Mafia! Organized Crime is not just a business, it’s a family with ties stretching long and far throughout Orbis!

La Mafia is a growing alliance that offers our mobsters financial aid, guidance, and an active community safe from the feds. La Mafia is everywhere, watch your back and don’t make trouble.

Feds will be shot in cold blood.

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Godfather: TaunTaun

Underboss: NightKnight

Don: Night

Mafioso of Foreign Relations: Novarus
Mafioso of Internal Upkeep: NightKnight
Loan Shark: Night
Mafioso of Defense: Bmber

Consigliere of Foreign Relations: El Chach
Consigliere of Internal Upkeep: Chester
Consigliere to the Loan Shark: Siddharth
Consigliere of Defense: Vacant

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MDoAP with Bad Company

MDoAP with The Island

MDoAP with Vanguard (Polaris, The United Empire of ZahAharon and Order of the White Rose)

MDoAP with Rough Riders

ODP with The Fighting Pacifists

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All applicants to La Mafia must join our Discord Server, applying on the alliance page without joining our discord server will result in your application being ignored. Contact NightKnight or Internal Upkeep about joining.

Please note: Raiding of our members and applicants is strictly prohibited. We will counter. Raiders beware!

Basic Information
Alliance Name:La Mafia (MAF)
Mafioso:Brimstone , NightKnight , Simpleton , Night , Bmber
Consigliere:Lihul , Chester , El Chach
Founded:06/02/2018 (79 Days Old)
Color Trade Bloc: Marooned Morons
Alliance Rank:#36 of 177 (20.34%)
Avg Score:1,337.24
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:3 (7.69%)
Beige Nations:2 (5.56%)
Gray Nations:1 (2.78%)
Alliance Treasures:1
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help2.00%
Total Cities:336
Total Infrastructure:514,838.40
Total Land:591,297.00
Total Population:53,335,446
Total GDP:$73,580,874,387
Total Soldiers:1,655,331
Total Tanks:122,105
Total Aircraft:24,390
Total Ships:1,653
Total Missiles:34
Total Nuclear Weapons:17
Alliance HQ
MDoAP Bad CompanyLink
MDoAP The IslandN/A
MDoAP The United Empire of ZahAharonLink
MDoAP Order of the White RoseLink
MDoAP PolarisLink
MDoAP Rough RidersLink
ODP The Fighting PacifistsLink
Protectorate CelestiaN/A