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Built on blood and ashes, we have a mission, and we will accomplish it. Any who are active and willing to make a difference in orbis are welcome. We will make a stand, and we will prevail.

What makes us different then most alliances, is every member has a role in the alliance, whether it be War, Economy or State affairs. The choice is yours. Or course you can always just be a member, but we give every member the opportunity to work in whichever field they feel they can help in. Every member has a voice.

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We behold a strong protectorate with our closest allies in Rose. You've been warned.

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Basileus: Richard Payne III
Basileus Adviser: Michael K Ultra

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Patrician: Ward
Praetor of the House of Loki: Captain Parrish
Praetor of the House of Thor: Ward

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Patrician: Sir Bressler
Praetor of the House of Apollo: Richard Payne Sir Bressler
Praetor of the House of Artemis: Dr Lenin Trotsky

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Patrician: Sir Oliver
Praetor of the House of Demeter: TheGloriousSocialist
Praetor of the House of Hera: Dr Keneth Foster

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Discord is required to join

Basic Information
Alliance Name:GodFury (GF)
Basileus:Richard Payne III
Patrician:Sir Oliver , Michael K Ultra , Dr Keneth Foster , Sir Bressler , Ward
Praetor:Captain Parrish , TheGloriousSocialist , Dr Lenin Trotsky
Founded:05/30/2018 (47 Days Old)
Color: Yellow
Alliance Rank:#46 of 200 (23%)
Avg Score:736.31
Forum Link:Click Here
Discord Server:Click Here
Accepting Members:Yes!
Vacation Mode Members:0 (0%)
Beige Nations:1 (2.22%)
Gray Nations:2 (4.44%)
Alliance Treasures:0
Alliance Treasure Bonus: Help0.00%
Total Cities:292
Total Infrastructure:398,699.25
Total Land:360,604.00
Total Population:34,946,222
Total GDP:$95,065,670,446
Total Soldiers:2,022,340
Total Tanks:42,175
Total Aircraft:11,663
Total Ships:769
Total Missiles:15
Total Nuclear Weapons:0
John Denny13.00
Alliance HQ
NAP The Jedi OrderN/A
NAP The Dixie UnionN/A
PIAT RagnarokLink
Protectorate RoseN/A